Los Angeles DUI Defenders:

Jon Straub: Founder and Lead Attorney

LosAngelesDUIAttorneyAttorney Jon Straub (pictured here speaking at a televised public hearing) is a fighter: with years of experience handling DUI cases both in court and at the DMV.  Mr. Straub is proud of his record of Jury Trail Not Guilty verdicts, trial court motion victories and DMV administrative hearing wins.  This hard work ultimately kept clients out of jail, saved their drivers licenses,  and protected their livelihoods. (Click here to see our updated Recent Case Results.)

Our law firm recognizes that every client’s case is important and every client deserves the best legal representation available.  DUI cases are very common and can literally happen to anyone.

Registered nurses, lawyers, commercial truck drivers, bus drivers, professional mechanics,  pilots and business owners are examples of some of the clients Mr. Straub has been able to help by defending their case and fighting back against DUI charges as hard as possible.

Mr. Jon Straub has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Business Journal (gold article) and on CBS 2 Local for his legal insights and regarding cases he’s worked on.   Mr. Straub regularly works with DUI expert witnesses (regarding forensic alcohol investigation), associate attorneys and former law enforcement officers to prepare every case and to ensure the best possible outcome for the clients.

In addition to his experience as an attorney, Mr. Straub is an accomplished pilot with thousands of flight hours.  He holds numerous fixed wing aircraft certificates and ratings, including a jet type-rating  and ATP, CFII and MEI certificates.

Bachelor of Science:  Embry-Riddle University, Prescott, AZ
Juris Doctorate:  Northwestern California University School of Law, Sacramento, CA

Bar Admissions:

State Bar of California
US Federal District Court: Southern District of California
US Federal District Court: Central District of California
US Federal District Court: Northern District of California

Nicholas Loncar: Attorney of Counsel

Nicholas Loncar is a fighter with an impeccable reputation among defense lawyers as someone who doesn’t back down.  A graduate of Villanova University School of Law in Pennsylvania, Mr. Loncar has never been a DA or a law enforcement officer.  He has tirelessly worked to defend the rights of the accused from the beginning of his career.  A former boxer (trained by Champions Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Robert Hines and Johnny Carter), Nicholas is relentless, fearless, dedicated and aggressive.

With this solid education and work background, Nick opened his criminal defense practice in Los Angeles: The Law Office of Nicholas Loncar.   In his role “of counsel” with the Law Office of Jon Straub, Mr. Loncar assists in planning and strategizing cases including DMV hearings, handling court appearances and working with clients to ensure their needs are 100% taken care of.

Bachelor of Arts:  College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA
Juris Doctorate:  Villanova University School of Law, Villanova Pennsylvania

The firm sets itself apart from other law firms by:

1.  The Results we get for our clients by using proven methods and strategies.

2.  Listening to Clients and taking the time to understand what their concerns are and what goals they have

3.  Looking at every case as a winnable case: There are as many successful DUI defenses as there are DUI cases because each case has unique facts that can be used to help the client

4.  Focusing the firm’s time on perfecting DUI defense by constantly learning the newest DUI scientific and legal defense techniques

The First Step in building a DUI Defense: Listening to the Client
Unlike other firms that have clients talk with paralleagals or receptionists, our firm has new clients speak directly with a DUI attorney. Why? Becuase the events are still fresh in the client’s memory and need to be discussed with an attorney who can listen for important clues that start the process of building a DUI defense. Defenses that win DUI cases come from the facts of the case: what really happened. Listening carefully to the events that led up to the arrest, a DUI lawyer can look for important clues that will draw out the defense strategy for the case. Some cases are won because the police made serious mistakes during the investigation. Other cases are won because police made mistakes in getting blood or breath samples, or in the admonishments they are supposed to give clients. Click: here to learn more about common DUI defenses that win DUI cases.

Understanding the Client’s Goals:
DUI clients can have different goals, depending on their career, family and life circumstances.  Some clients just want to avoid going to court and minimizing the hassle that a DUI arrest can cause.  Others have careers (like professional truck driver or railroad engineer) that simply cannot have a DUI arrest on their record.  Regardless of the client’s circumstances, each case is fought the same: We review the evidence gathered during the discovery phase of the case, prep the case for trial and tell the client straight-up what their options are.

Finding the winning defense:
DUI cases have as many defenses as there are DUI cases in the first place. Defenses can come from any number of issues that come up during a DUI arrest: Police technique, eye-witness recollection, physical evidence, blood or breath evidence and legal admonishments required by police are all areas that can yield big clues for a DUI attorney to find the winning defense.

Jon Straub  is a Los Angeles DUI attorney who focuses his practice on defending the rights of people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

The most important job for a law firm is to protect their clients rights.   We take this job seriously and the results speak for themselves: Not Guilty verdicts at trial, DMV license suspensions overturned and clients who can get on with their lives.


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