Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring is when a person is allowed to do their jail sentence in lieu of jail. This is common in Southern California especially with the jail overcrowding situation. Jails are getting overcrowded and the jails are more open to letting people do their jail time with electronic monitoring. However, it is not for everyone because of ts restrictions and the fact tat you will have to do the whole time. Whether it is for you will depend on the county you live in, how much you are willing to put up with and whether you are willing to pay for it.
When should I consider it?

Electronic Monitoring should be considered when you are facing serious jail time. Serious jail time often occurs with 2nd time DUI and more and more serious misdemeanor crimes. In addition to this, it is not automatic. A person looking forward to aiming for home confinement must get past the court and get court approval for the home confinement or at least get the court to not deny it. This must be worked out in advance with the court.
What are the limitations?

Electronic Monitoring is an alternative to jail and isn’t available in every case. You should understand there are indeed certain circumstances where electronic monitoring will not be allowed, such as when the defendant has a violent criminal past. This is true regardless of where the prior violent acts occured, whether there was merely an arrest, or a conviction. A common situation occurs when someone was arrested for domestic violence many years earlier. They are un-plesantly suprised when they cannot later qualify for electronic monitoring at a later date for a case such as a DUI case.

Is Electronic Monitoring available in my county?

Los Angeles County

Electronic monitoring is available in Los Angeles county and is set up through the sheriff’s department. It involves an application process, where the defendant applies for electronic monitoring. Due to the severe over crowding of the Los Angeles Jails, this is a real alternative for many people who face jail time in Los Angeles.
Speaking with a Los Angeles DUI lawyer about electronic monitoring is a good idea.

Orange County

As of the writing of this article, it is not clear what will happen in Orange County. This is because Orange county has recently terminated a long standing relationship with its GPS provider who provides the GPS information used for electronic monitoring.

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By Jon Straub

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