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Help from a Chatsworth DUI Lawyer on your side.

DUI cases are winnable, with the right DUI lawyer on your side.
If you or someone you care for was arrested for DUI, knowing what a Chatsworth DUI lawyer can do for you is the first important step in beating your DUI case.

Time is not on your side, but a DUI lawyer can be.

Unless they get their lawyer to set a DMV hearing on the matter, a person who was stopped for DUI will lose their license automatically within 10 days of the stop. Often this step is done by a lawyer hired by the driver facing DUI charges. Failing to set a DMV hearing within 10 days of the DUI arrest will result in a license being suspended automatically.

What to look for when talking with a Chatsworth DUI Lawyer.

While you’re consulting with a Chatsworth DUI lawyer, be on the look out for some important cues things. Your conversation with the DUI lawyer should reveal:

-Do they focus their practice on DUI cases?
-Are they familiar with the technical DUI laws, rules and procedures?
-Do they speak with confidence and will they argue your case effectively?

Pay close attention for law firms that are too busy to have a dedicated attorney answer your questions. Often, “DUI law firms” will have secretaries or assistants answer phone calls. This can be (but isn’t always) a sign that the firm is too busy with their caseload to effectively manage their office.

What you will go over with your Chatsworth DUI Lawyer.

Your consultation with a Chastsworth DUI lawyer will go over some basic things. It is critical that you are honest and complete with your lawyer, so they can focus on the facts of your case that will help you.

The areas the lawyer will most likely go over include:

-Whether a blood, breath or urine test was performed
-A description of the FST’s (field sobriety tests) performed
-Any admissions or statements taken by police

A winning defense starts with a Chatsworth DUI Lawyer.

With your consultation finished, you and your Chatsworth DUI lawyer will begin to build your case, using the facts you described to your lawyer and the most common defenses to DUI cases. These defenses include:

-Rising BAC or Blood Alcohol Content defense (scientific argument).
-The “no-drive” defense (attacking the evidence of who the driver was).
-Questioning police training, procedures, equipment
-Arguments showing problems with police scientific tests

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