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IF YOU'RE ON A MOBILE DEVICE, Tap on the button above to connect with Southern California's most aggressive DUI Defense Law Firm. 

Call 213-400-0358 and speak to an experienced DUI lawyer who can help you with your case. Go over the strategies that work in DUI cases, and start the process to fight back in your case.

The most important things to remember when calling a DUI lawyer are:

-Don't wait to call: The sooner you speak to someone who knows how to handle the situation, the better your results will be.

-Be honest to the DUI lawyer you speak with: tell them everything you remember, exactly how you remember it.  Don't be embarrassed by your situation, they have seen and heard it all before.

-Remember, you're not the first person to go through this, and you won't be the last.

A free consultation will go over:
-Where the events took place
-What happened
-Who was there
-What kinds of tests did police use in the case
-Were there blood or breath tests done?

With this information, your DUI lawyer will then be able to see what kinds of defenses can work in your case.

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