How to fight Xanax DUI charges: A Los Angeles DUI Attorney that can help defend against Drug DUI charges.

Xanax DUI charges involve criminal court consequences: Potential jail time, permenent criminal record, fines, probation and drug testing are all possible consequences of a Xanax DUI conviction. DMV consequences depend on the facts of the case: the California DMV will suspend the driver’s license of a person arrested for Xanax DUI if they refuse to submit a blood sample to law enforcement. In certain rare cases, the DMV may initiate a lifetime driving ban on a person with substance abuse problems if they abuse Xanax and meet the DMV’s criteria for a P & M suspension.

The defenses in a Xanax DUI are similar to any drug DUI. In the criminal court, a driver facing Xanax DUI charges has the right to a jury trial and all of the rights and safeguards this brings. Evidence rules, pleading requirements, subpoena power to compel production of evidence are all rights that a DUI attorney can discuss with you if you are fighting Xanax DUI charges.

When most people think of DUI, they think of alcohol related DUI cases. They might also think of marijuana DUI cases. There are, however, thousands of drugs (prescription drugs, legal drugs, illegal drugs) that cause impairment and can effect the ability to safely drive a car. Xanax is a powerful drug used primarily in pain relief in prescription settings. People who are being operated on, undergoing surgery, or recovering from serious injuries are prescribed Xanax because of its powerful abilities to aleviate pain symptoms. Xanax does not mix with driving, however, because of how it effects a person’s mental and physical acuity.

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