2nd DUI in Orange County

Updated November 8, 2013.

What are the penalties for a 2nd DUI in Orange County, California?

A first time DUI is a serious enough offense. A second DUI is very serious. If you or someone you know is facing a 2nd DUI in Orange County California, you should be aware of the possible penalties or punishments that can result in these cases. 2nd DUI in Orange County

The legal minimum in terms of jail time for a 2nd DUI in Orange County is 96 hours in county jail. Often the prosecution seeks a longer term of confinement and its up to the defense lawyer in the case to convince the court to not go above the term the prosecution seeks.

In more serious cases, like those involving accidents or injuries to other people, 6 month or longer jail terms are common place. Again, it is up to the defense lawyers in these cases to get a lower amount of jail time in these cases.

Loss of Driver’s License

The other major consideration for people facing their 2nd DUI in Orange County California is the loss of their driver’s license. Where the 2nd DUI occurs within 10 years of the prior DUI, a driver is facing a minimum of one year drivers license suspension. In serious cases, such as those involving accidents or injuries, the loss of license can be longer.

An attorney can help you get a restricted driver’s license to drive to and from work or DUI school within 90 days in most cases. So it makes sense to speak with a DUI lawyer who regularly handles cases involving a 2nd DUI in Orange County.

Typical fines for a 2nd DUI in Orange County range from $1500 to $2000. A DUI lawyer can show you various ways to avoid such large fines, like opting for community labor or community service in lieu of the fines.

Talking with a DUI lawyer makes sense.

We realize a 2nd DUI in Orange County isn’t a pleasant experience to go through. That’s why we’re here to help you by showing you your best options to get back on track. Call 213-400-0358 and connect directly with a DUI lawyer who handles cases like yours everyday.

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