3rd DUI License Suspension

What a 3rd DUI License Suspension involves.

According to the California DMV, 3rd DUI license suspension will be 1 year in length if you took a chemical (blood or breath test). If you refused to take a chemical test, the 3rd DUI License Suspension will be 2 years in length. If someone is involved in their 3rd DUI If someone is involved in their 3rd DUI arrest (within 10 years of their first DUI) they are looking at significant fines, penalties, jail-time, and license suspension.

How to minimize the damage from a 3rd DUI arrest, including the license suspension.

A license suspension for a 3rd DUI is one of the things someone facing their 3rd DUI should be concerned about. Jail-time, and heavy fines are another concern. The strategies to minimize these penalties are similar to all other DUI cases. Beating the police case, looking at the evidence for factual and legal errors, and attacking the science involved in the case are all strategies that are employed in fighting a 3rd DUI arrest. The DMV is harsh when it comes to 3rd DUI license suspension rules, so a knowledge and familiarity with the DMV procedures will help the driver deal with that as well.

How to get your license back following a 3rd DUI license suspension.

People who are facing their 3rd DUI license suspension can qualify for a restricted drivers license, allowing them to drive to and from work or alcohol classes, provided they install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) on their car, and show proof of enrollment in certain alcohol classes. These classes teach the driver about the dangers of drunk driving, the nature of alcohol dependency, and the need to avoid drinking and driving.

Get help from a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer if you’re facing a 3rd DUI License suspension.

If you are facing a 3rd DUI license suspension, you should call a DUI lawyer who understands the rules and laws of the DMV so that you can get your license back quickly.

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