Bartending while on Probation

A commonly asked question is whether someone on probation can have a job as a bar-tender. This arises more frequently than you think. Often, people in service sector jobs like bartending wonder if they can still be a bartender if they are on probation. There is a common misconception that someone on probation cannot be a bartender. This, as a general rule, isn’t the case. However, as with most legal issues, a explanation from an attorney should be clear up the confusion.

The dispositive factor in whether or not you can be a bartender while on probation is how your probation was set up when you were placed on probation. If you or your attorney didn’t carefully craft your probation terms, you might be in-eligible for work as a bartender.

A lot depends on how your plea-bargain was structured.

Probation often has limitations for what you can do. For example, sometimes terms of probation state “no consumption of alcohol” which would mean the person on probation cannot consume any alcohol during their probation. Sometimes, restrictions on work or jobs can find their way into probation terms. Other times, restrictions on locations that the person on probation can go to find their way into probation terms. For example, a probation term that “the probationer cannot be in or around an establishment that serves alcohol” can be another probation term used in DUI cases or other criminal cases involving alcohol. This would present a problem for someone wanting to work at a bar, because that person would be prohibited from being near a bar or establishment that serves alcohol.

If you are facing this, you need to speak with a DUI attorney who understands how probation in these cases works, and how to ensure you can go to and from work without worrying about violating probation. For more information, and to speak to a DUI attorney, call 213-400-0358 and get your questions answered.

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