California Restricted License Violation

Serious driving issues can include a California Restricted License Violation. The most common California Restricted License Violation occurs when the driver drives during a suspended license, and has a restricted license allowing them to drive only to and from work or to and from DUI school. A common trap people fall into, which leads to them getting a California Restricted License violation is that they mistakenly believe they can drive to and from any school. When driving on a restricted license for a DUI violation, the driver is only allowed to drive to and from DUI school, or work. There is no allowance for driving to and from schools, such as high school, or college. So a common scenario to watch out for is a person getting a California Restricted license violation while they drive to or from their college.

California Restricted License Violation: School means DUI school, not college.

As stated earlier, the “school” in a restricted license situation in California usually means “DUI school,” and not other schools, such as college or university.

This also does not include:California Restricted License Violation: Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

-Elementary School
-Bladder School
-High School
-Junior College
-Sports school

You should take some comfort in understanding police officers and CHP officers do not usually pursue enforcement of Restricted Licenses as harshly as they do DUI cases. A violation of a Restricted License in California isn’t as important an issue as, lets say, a DUI or reckless driving. So the officer who stops you may not ask very many questions related to where you are actually driving to. Keep in mind, however, it will be obvious to police officers that you aren’t actually driving to or from work or DUI school if you are driving to or from the beach, or near an area of restaurants and night clubs at night on a Restricted license.

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