CVC 22107

How to beat a CVC 22107 ticket:

The California Vehicle Code (CVC for short) 22107 states: No person shall turn a vehicle…. upon a roadway until such movement can be made with reasonable safety and… only after the giving of an appropriate signal….(to any) other vehicle may be affected by the movement.”CVC 22107 ticket

The language of CVC 22107 seems straightforward, but there are some tricks that a traffic ticket lawyer can help you with that can work in beating a CVC 22107 ticket. You should be aware of the possible consequences of a ticket for CVC 22107.   Every traffic ticket has defenses that can work and some are easier to beat than others.

What are the consequences for violating CVC 22107?

The violation of CVC 22107 is an infraction under the vehicle code, so jail-time is not an option. Fines, court costs, and fees do result, however, from violating CVC 22107. Based on current fines and court fee schedules, the average situation involving a CVC 22107 ticket will result in approximately $400 in fines and fees. You will also have to consider how many points will be added to your license.

Most common defenses for CVC 22107:

CVC 22107 makes it an infraction to turn on a public roadway without signaling if there are other cars involved. The first defense would be that the car didn’t turn. (This defense is rarely used, however, because usually in these cases the driver indeed did turn their car.)

Next a person fighting a CVC 22107 ticket would show that the maneuver was in fact safe. This is a grey area where courts will likely defer to the police officer’s judgement as to what was “safe.” If you do not have witnesses, it will be your word against the police officer’s word. And that is never a good situation to be in when it comes to fighting a ticket or criminal matter. In order to get more proof, you’ll have to think outside the box, for example: Are there security cameras in the area (from local businesses or on traffic lights) that could show what you were doing? Did the officer activate his MVARS?(MVARS is the mobile video recording system many police cars have.) With this evidence, you may be able to show you did in fact turn safely and comply with CVC 22107.

What you can do about a CVC 22107 ticket:

Never plead guilty or “just pay the fine” until you at least speak with someone who knows how to fight traffic tickets.  Not every lawyer can help you: its important to speak with a traffic ticket lawyer or DUI lawyer. (DUI lawyers are usually very familiar with the various traffic laws and defenses used to beat traffic tickets.)  A free consultation with an attorney who fights traffic tickets and DUI cases can be arranged by calling 213-400-0358.  A traffic ticket lawyer can go to court for you, that way you don’t have to miss work, or waste time dealing with the issue.


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