Huntington Beach Public Intoxication

A ticket for Huntington Beach Public Intoxication is more common than you would think. Many bars and clubs line Main Street in Huntington Beach, with many patrons of these bars wandering the public streets in a state of intoxication. Late at night and early into the morning, party goers are drinking too much and end up facing charges of public intoxication as they wander Huntington Beach aimlessly looking for a place to urinate.

The consequences for public intoxication charges can range from misdemeanor charges to infraction charges. Misdemeanor charges have far reaching consequences for people who face them. A person convicted of misdemeanor Public Intoxication will have to report this on job applications, and have the embarrassment of having a public intoxication charge on their record.

It is important to realize it is not a crime to wander the streets, nor is it illegal to have a few too many. To rise to the level of Public Intoxication, a person must be so intoxicated, they are a danger to themselves or others around them. Most people who are drunk in public in Huntington Beach aren’t guilty of public intoxication. Rather, they are a nuisance and an annoyance.

Even though most people who face public intoxication charges are not really guilty of a crime, they face the potential of a criminal record if their case isn’t handled properly.

The concern surrounding Huntington Beach Public Intoxication cases stems from the vandalism, lawlessness, danger and unwanted behavior these people exhibit.

Hiring a lawyer to help you with your Huntington Beach Public Intoxication case is a great idea.

If you are facing public intoxication charges, it is a good idea to speak with a public intoxication lawyer who has handled cases in Huntington Beach. There are defenses you can raise, and arguments you can make to fight your case and win.

Call a lawyer who understands public intoxication cases and how to best fight them.

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