License suspended by DMV

A Los Angeles area DUI lawyer discusses what you should know if you have your license suspended by DMV.

You need to know why you had your license suspended by DMV and how you can get it back. Among the common causes for license suspensions in California are failure to pay child support, failure to appear for a court hearing, punishment for DUI cases and adminstrative actions against negligent operators. You need to know which reason you had your license suspended by DMV in order to start the process of getting your license back.

The most common reason for a license suspension in Califoria by the DMV is for failure to appear at court for a traffic ticket. Often someone will forget they got a minor traffic ticket (seat belt, speeding, illegal u-turn are few examples) and they simply forget to show up to court. Often the person will initially take care of the situation, then at later court dates forget to show up to court. In those cases, a bench warrant is usually put out for the person, and they also face a license suspension by DMV.

What else happens?

In the common case of tickets, the matter will be referred to GC services, which will take steps to collect the debt owed by the driver. In that situation, you are looking a paying a bill in addition to having the license suspension.

What can I do about it?

Talking to a lawyer is the first step for someone who has had their license suspended by DMV. The lawyer will sit down with you and discuss your case, and figure out with you the quickest, least expensive way for you to get your license back.

To speak with a lawyer who handles license suspension cases on a regular basis, call 213-400-0358 and learn about your rights.

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