License Suspension in California

What you should know about License Suspension in California and how to get your license back.

Many people who deal with a license suspension in California don’t even know their license is suspended until it already happens to them. The California DMV put out a list of reasons a license can be suspendedCalifornia License Suspension. Often the story starts with a parking ticket, or a speeding ticket. The person forgets to deal with the ticket, forgets to go to court and goes back to their business. Often, these people will then receive a notice from the court where they should have gone to take care of the ticket, but they let that slide also. They forget to do anything about it. Sometimes, people who were facing as ticket don’t take care of it because they move to another state in the mean time, and ask themselves “why worry about a ticket if I’m going to move away from California?” Eventually, your license expires. You go into the DMV to get a new license and low and behold, there is a license hold on your license. If this happens to you, you’re lucky.

The problem with ignoring old tickets is this will eventually lead to a warrant for your arrest being issued. The warrant is called a bench warrant and is used to get you to haul your butt into court.

The courts will usually wait some time until they take the next step n the chain and then send the information to the DMV to take the step to suspend your license.

The problem with letting this situation spiral out of control is you will have to face the situation eventually. You don’t want to wait until you end up in jail, or have to disclose the warrant and situation on a job application. You need to fix the situation now.

License Suspension and how to fix this.

An attorney who handles DMV and criminal law can help you fix your license suspension in California.

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