Alhambra DUI Lawyer: Defending Clients in DUI cases.

An experienced Alhambra DUI Lawyer can make all the difference to a person facing DUI charges. The outcome of any DUI cases is important because DUI cases involve Court and DMV consequences that need to be understood and properly handled. The Law Office of Jon Straub has experience in handling DUI cases and can help you if you find yourself facing DUI charges.  Below you’ll find useful information regarding DUI cases, their potential consequences and how they are handled by an experienced DUI Lawyer.

An Alhambra DUI Lawyer discusses DUI Consequences: Criminal Court and the DMV License Suspension.

DUI cases involve both criminal court and DMV consequences for the driver, with the driver facing either misdemeanor or felony charges and potentially lengthy DMV license suspension.

Criminal Court Consequences:

A DUI case is a criminal case, involving the potential of:
-Permanent criminal record
-Jail time in certain cases
-Large fines
-Mandatory Alcohol classes
-Mandatory Ignition Interlock Device (Car Breathalyzer)

An Alhambra DUI lawyer can discuss with you the possible criminal court consequences in your case, and how to handle or avoid them. Depending on the nature of the case, the charges may be misdemeanor or felony and involve the potential of jail time in more serious cases. Less serious cases involve probation, fines and the mandatory attendance of alcohol education classes that teach the driver about substance abuse and the dangers of DUI.

DMV License Suspension:

The California DMV is harsh when it comes to DUI suspensions: with automatic license suspensions occurring if the driver is stopped for DUI and fails to request a DMV hearing. Even if the driver requests a DMV hearing, the DMV APS hearing process is difficult and technically complex. At the DMV, a driver has the right to gather evidence, present a case, cross examine witnesses and make legal and scientific arguments. The evidence standard at at DMV APS hearing is the same as in court: which means it is more difficult to prevail at a DMV hearing than in court when presenting a defense case.

let an Alhambra DUI lawyer help you with your DUI arrest questions.

The first step you should take following an arrest for DUI in Alhambra is to call a DUI lawyer who regularly deals with DUI cases. An Alhambra DUI lawyer knows DUI cases can be won and you need to speak them about DUI law and defense tactics. Time is critical in these cases because the DMV gives a driver only 10 days to have their attorney request a DMV hearing, otherwise the driver’s license is automatically suspended.

The Alhambra DUI lawyer you call will go over your case with you and discuss such things as the following:

-Your case’s strengths and weaknesses.
-Blood, breath or urine evidence and how to challenge it.
-How to handle the DMV.
-How to reduce the harm of the situation and get back to normal.

The first steps an Alhambra DUI lawyer takes with a case.

An Alhambra DUI Lawyer will conduct a thorough review of your case and help you figure out where your case is strongest. The starting point is to go over defense strategies that are tested and work, such as:

-BAC rising defense(scientific argument).
-Challenging the blood, breath or urine evidence.
-Attacking the police reports, procedures and testing to show issues surrounding them.

Work closely with an experienced DUI attorney to get the best results for your case. Start with a free consultation, which carries no risk and can get you on the right track and begin the process of fighting the charges against you.

Alhambra DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Talk to a trusted, experienced attorney who handles Alhambra DUI cases. Ask them questions, let them show you how you can fight your case.

Alhambra Courthouse Information
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Some notable Recent DUI Victories for our Alhambra DUI Lawyer include:

-Not Guilty verdicts in trial for clients with 0.18%BAC, 0.12% BAC, DMV suspensions avoided for commercial license holders, dismissals pursuant to PC 1385 and more.


DUI cases can be won, or at a minimum, the damage can be minimized. But act now, because the DMV will automatically suspend you license unless your lawyer calls to set up a DMV hearing.

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