An Artesia DUI Lawyer with some answers for you.

The first step after an arrest for DUI in Artesia is to call a DUI lawyer who is familiar with DUI cases. Artesia DUI Lawyers who regularly handle DUI cases know the defenses that work and how to beat DUI cases. Time is critical in these cases because the DMV gives a driver only 10 days to have their attorney request a DMV hearing, otherwise the driver’s license is automatically suspended.

Asking for help from an Artesia DUI lawyer has never been easier.

Step one for you following a DUI arrest in Artesia is to call a DUI lawyer. When looking for a DUI lawyer, look for someone who understands the various defenses that are available in these cases. Make sure the attorney knows exactly what you want, and how you are going to go about looking for that result. A DUI lawyer you speak with will be familiar with these common defenses:
-Showing lack of probable cause by the police to even start the arrest
-Lack of proper training of the officers in DUI enforcement
-Lack of proper calibration or accuracy checks of the DUI equipment used in your case
-Lack of adequate admonition by officers

Artesia is known as a “gate-way” community of Los Angeles because of its location and its form of government.
Artesia Courthouse information
Artesia Police Department

These and other defenses can be asserted by a DUI client when they fight their case. Make sure your lawyer goes over these defenses and how they may apply to your case.
It’s important to mount a solid defense in a DUI case because the consequences can include:
-Loss of Driver’s license
-Mandatory AA classes or alcohol training
-Jail time in some cases

In order to avoid these and other harsh consequences, make sure you’re informed and prepared to fight your case.

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