Canoga Park

Canoga Park is a community nestled in the San Fernando Valley west of Los Angeles. Known as a quiet suburb, Canoga Park is an excellent place to raise a young family. Highways criss-cross Canoga Park allowing people easy access to jobs, shopping, and nightlife. Canoga Park is one of the largest cities in the San Fernando Valley and is regarded as a safe, relatively crime free area. (see this map of crime for Canoga Park.) Unfortunately, DUI arrests happen from time to time in Canoga Park. This happens because people driving on the highways, or driving on the streets at night sometimes have a few too many and end up with a DUI.

What to do if you are arrested for DUI in Canoga Park.

If you or someone you love was arrested recently for DUI in Canoga Park, you should consider fighting back. The best way to fight back is to hire a DUI lawyer who knows the unique tricks that DUI defenses need to work. When you call your DUI lawyer for the first time, they will as you basic questions surrounding your case. With this information, they will be able to start figuring out the best defense for you to use in your DUI case.

Canoga DUI Information:
Canoga Park Courthouse Information

DUI defense strategies can vary, depending on the case. The most successful defense is dependent on the particular facts surrounding the case, but can include:
-Showing the police did not have probable cause to stop the driver
-Showing the police did not use proper procedures in administering their field sobriety tests
-Finding errors in the calibration or accuracy of the blood or breath testing equipment
-Highlighting errors in the DMV 367 form and other sworn documents used in DUI cases
As you can see, DUI cases can be complex. Therefore, a consultation with a skilled DUI lawyer is the best first step to take if you were arrested for DUI in Canoga Park.

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