The consequences of a DUI in Compton: From a Compton DUI Lawyer’s perspective.

A Compton DUI Lawyer can go over the consequences of a DUI arrest and can advise you how to prevent the worst consequences in a DUI case.  DUI arrests involve consequences in criminal court, the DMV and with collateral issues like immigration, employment background checks and professional licenses.

Criminal Court:

A DUI arrest in Compton will involve either felony or misdemeanor charges, depending on what happened in the case. These charges carry potential jail time, community service requirements, probation, mandatory alcohol education classes and an ignition interlock device.


The DMV will automatically suspend the driver’s license of a driver arrested for DUI unless that person takes the necessary steps to secure a DMV hearing. Learn more about DMV hearings here: California DMV hearings for DUI cases.

Other consequences:

Immigration status can be effected by a DUI conviction. Employment background checks will reveal a DUI conviction and can be grounds for denial of employment or professional licenses (such as real estate agent, registered nurse, or mortgage broker.)

If you were arrested for DUI, getting help from a Compton DUI Lawyer is just a phone call away.

Talking to a Compton DUI Lawyer is a starting point for someone facing a DUI charge. Although DUI arrests can be traumatic and frightening, you should understand DUI cases can be won. Thus, it pays to speak to an experienced DUI attorney who can help you with your case. You must act quickly, because under DMV rules your license will be suspended automatically if you do not have your lawyer contact DMV within 10 days of the arrest.

The Compton DUI lawyer you choose can review and discuss with you:
-The strengths and weaknesses of your case.
-The physical evidence in your case, such as blood or breath tests.
-DMV hearing strategies.
-Getting the best possible outcome for your case.

Compton DUI Lawyer

A Compton DUI Lawyer give some important tips for people facing a DUI.

A Compton DUI Lawyer will conduct a review of your case and assess its weaknesses and strengths. This includes going over any possible defense theories, such as these common arguments:

-Blood Alcohol Content on the rise(scientific argument).
-Incomplete or faulty police investigation.
-Problems with accuracy, calibration, training records of officers involved and equipment used.

Let a talented DUI attorney to help you in this situation. There’s no risk when you take advantage of a free consultation. This can shed new light on your case and allow for a competent DUI lawyer to look for any defense that may help you.

(Compton California is located approximately 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.)

Compton DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Call and speak with an experienced attorney who handles Compton DUI cases. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your case.

Some notable Recent DUI Victories for our Long Beach DUI Lawyer include:

-Jury Trial Not Guiltyverdict for DUI charge: CVC 23152(a)

-Driver’s license suspension avoided at DMV hearing, allowing driver to keep his license (Orange DSO.)

-Reduction from DUI to reckless driving for driver with .12% BAC.

DUI cases can be won, or at a minimum, the damage can be minimized. Don’t delay, call a DUI attorney to get moving in the right direction.

Compton DUI tools:
Compton Courthouse

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