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The top things you should ask your Culver City DUI Lawyer include how to handle your case the most effectively.

The first step following a DUI arrest in Culver City is to pick up the phone and call a Culver City DUI lawyer. An experienced DUI attorney knows DUI cases are winnable, and it’s important you work with an attorney who knows the defenses and strategies that work in DUI cases. 10 days are allowed following a DUI arrest to have your lawyer contact the DMV to stop the license suspension, so its important you act quickly.

A Culver City DUI Lawyer can tell you what defenses will work in your case.

Depending on the facts in your case, a winning defense can be argued. Defenses include attacking the blood or breath testing done, and attacking the police investigation, conduct and probable cause.

The Culver City DUI lawyer you hire can discuss with you:
-A thorough case review to look at the winning and losing strategies.
-How to win at the DMV hearing
-How to minimize the damage of this bad situation

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What a Culver City DUI Lawyer does with their clients is important, so ask questions and pay attention.

A Culver City DUI Lawyer will review your case with you to ensure you don’t miss anything that can help you win your DUI case. This includes going over defenses that you can raise, such as:

-Rising BAC or Blood alcohol defense.
-Improper or incomplete testing of blood, urine or breath evidence in the case. (scientific argument)
-Police errors, including lack of probable cause for stop. (legal argument)

Work with a seasoned DUI attorney help you with your case. A free consultation costs nothing, and helps you see the strengths and weaknesses of your case so you can be prepared.

Culver City DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Pick up the phone and call our office, talk directly to a Culver City DUI lawyer who handles Culver City DUI cases and ask as many questions as you have to learn more about fighting your case.

Culver City DUI Information:
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Culver City Courthouse

Recent victories for our Culver City DUI lawyer include these great case results:

-NOT GUILTY CVC 23152(a), the DUI law.

-DMV License Suspension set aside-allowing driver to keep his license.

-Plea agreement in Los Angeles where client, who was facing 10 days in County Jail, was able to avoid jail time and probation, and merely pay a fine

DUI cases can be won, if you work with the right lawyer, and the harm they cause kept to a minimum.

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