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By Jon Straub

The steps for contacting a Diamond Bar DUI Lawyer when it matters most.

Consulting with a Diamond Bar DUI Lawyer is the wisest first step after you or someone you love is arrested for DUI. In the hands of a DUI lawyer who understands DUI law, a DUI case can be won. You don’t have very much time to act because the DMV will automatically suspend your license unless your attorney contacts the DMV within 10 days of the arrest.

Going over your case and looking for commonly used DUI defenses is the first thing a Diamond Bar DUI lawyer will do with you. Winning defenses include:

-Weakening the phyiscal evidence against you by showing errors with the blood or breath test (scientific argument).
-Showing police mistakes or improper handling (legal argument).
-Rising Blood Alcohol Level Defense.

A free consultation with a Diamond Bar DUI lawyer will cost nothing and let you see your case from a different angle. It will help you figure out how best to fight your case and where to start.

Diamond Bar DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Pick up the phone, call a professional Diamond Bar DUI lawyer who can help you sort out what needs to be done. At no obligation, your questions will be answered and you can plan your attack.

A review of your case with a Diamond Bar DUI lawyer will go over:

-Strengths and weaknesses of your case
-How to win the DMV hearing
-How to reduce the damage of this bad situation
-A review of the physical evidence against you

How a Diamond Bar DUI Lawyer begins the case is an important first step.

Diamond Bar DUI tools:
Diamond Bar Courthouse Information
Diamond Bar Public Safety Information

Recent wins for our Diamond Bar DUI Lawyer:

-Jury trial NOT GUILTY verdict in a DUI case for CVC 23152(a)

-Prevailing at DMV hearing saving driver’s license (Orange DSO.)

-Reduction of DUI charge to reckless driving in a case involving a .12 BAC.

DUI cases can be won if handled right. Call 213-400-0358 to speak with a Diamond Bar DUI lawyer and start fighting back.

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