How a Fullerton DUI Lawyer fights DUI Cases:

A Fullerton DUI Lawyer fights DUI cases using knowledge and experience to find defenses that will win the case. DUI cases involve particular scientific, legal and factual issues that a DUI lawyer can work with and use to defend a person charged with DUI.

Not Guilty Verdict and Dismissals at Trial, protecting California Drivers’ Licenses from suspension and avoiding jail for clients are important victories for this Fullerton DUI Lawyer.

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What happens in a typical Fullerton DUI case?

Any Fullerton DUI Lawyer can tell you there are three main parts to any DUI case. They are: The arrest, the DMV process, and the Criminal Court Process.

The Arrest
Fullerton DUI Lawyer and Fullerton DUI AttorneyA DUI arrest typically occurs at night while police officers observe the driver violating one of the hundreds of vehicle code laws. Speeding, lane straddling or “swerving,” driving with a broken tail-light are all reasons police use as an excuse to pull someone over. Once the police officer stops the driver, they approach the driver’s window. If the officer smells alcohol, an arrest for DUI is a near certainty. The police officer will ask the driver to perform a series of silly exercise by the side of the road called “Field Sobriety Tests.” These tests are not scientific as much as they are subjective: The police officer already has formed his opinion and is using these tests as further evidence to confirm what he or she already thinks: This driver is under the influence.
A “PAS” or preliminary alcohol screening device is used by officers and consists of a small handheld breath-analyzer that the officer will use at the road side to test the driver’s breath for alcohol.
If the driver is above .08, the officer will take the driver to the police station where the driver will be asked to submit a breath or blood test to look for alcohol in the driver’s system.

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DMV Process
After being released from the police station, the driver is left on their own to figure out their next step. The driver has 10 days (including weekends) to ask for a DMV hearing. The DMV hearing is not simply an “interview” or a simple procedure. It is an adversarial proceeding that involves evidence against the driver being analyzed and used to determine whether or not the DMV will allow the driver to keep their license. Often drivers do not want to attend the hearing because the Hearing Officer can and will ask questions to the driver that could subsequently be used against them in court.

The Court Process
For DUI cases in Fullerton, the Criminal Court process will occur at the North Justice Center for Orange County. A first hearing, called an arraignment, will be conducted where the driver is advised they can hire a Fullerton DUI Lawyer to represent them if they wish.

Additional Fullerton DUI Lawyer Information:

Fullerton is best known for Cal State Fullerton, the university that calls Fullerton its home. Fullerton is also known for nightlife with a vibrant and colorful bar and club district in downtown Fullerton. Accessible by major freeways (91 and 57), Fullerton is also accessible via the Metro Link train that runs through Orange County. DUI arrests in Fullerton are common because of the restaurants and bars that make up the Fullerton scene. For more information on how to fight a DUI case, contact a Fullerton DUI lawyer immediately.

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