By Jon Straub

A Glendale DUI Lawyer discusses the typical DUI case and how to start fighting back.

Talking to a Glendale DUI lawyer is the first step following a DUI arrest in Glendale. DUI are winnable, but present challenges that other cases don’t present, so its important to speak with a comfortable, competent Glendale DUI lawyer. You don’t have much time to act, because under DMV rules the DMV gives a driver only 10 days to have their lawyer request a DMV hearing before imposing a mandatory suspension.

The Glendale DUI lawyer you speak with should go over common DUI case defenses, such as:

-Your particular case facts and information.
-Blood, breath and urine evidence and how to best handle it.
-Winning at the DMV and keeping your license.
-How to minimize the damage of this bad situation.
How an Arcadia DUI Lawyer begins the case is an important first step.

A Glendale DUI Lawyer will conduct a thorough review of your case and help you figure out where your case is strongest. This includes going over common defenses that work in DUI cases like:

-Blood Alcohol Content Rising Defense.
-Challenging the blood, breath or urine evidence in your case.
-Attacking the police reports, police procedures and handling of your case.

The best thing you can do is to speak with a talented DUI lawyer to assist you with your case. A free consultation can get you on the right track toward fighting your DUI case with the best possible arguments.

Glendale DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Pick up the phone, call an experienced attorney who handles Glendale DUI cases and let them help you to answer your questions and show you what your options are.

Glendale DUI tools:
City of Glendale Information
Glendale Courthouse Information

Recent case results for our Glendale DUI Lawyer include:

-Not Guilty verdict at Jury Trial for DUI case (CVC 23152A).

-Victory at DMV hearing preserving driver’s license.(Orange DSO.)

-Reduction in charges that carried a minimum of 10 days in jail to a charge that only involved a small fine.

DUI cases can be won, or at a minimum, the damage can be minimized. Don’t delay, because the DMV will automatically suspend you license unless your lawyer calls to set up a DMV hearing.

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