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Huntington Park DUI lawyer explains what you should do following a DUI arrest.

Calling a Huntington Park DUI lawyer is the first smart step if you or someone you love was recently involved in a DUI in Huntington Park, CA. The call is important, and you can call a DUI lawyer who regularly deals with DUI cases. The Huntington Park DUI lawyer you call will understand the nature of the charges against you, and how to fight the case. Don’t delay, because you license will be suspended in 10 days by the DMV if your lawyer doesn’t call the DMV to reserve a hearing. This is because of DMV rules which expedite DUI suspension.

The Huntington Park DUI lawyer you call can go over your case and look for the strengths and weaknesses of your defense:

-Such as admissions made to police, evidence against you and witnesses.
-Physical evidence like blood samples or breath tests.
-What to do at DMV.
-What you can do to minimize the damage from the DUI arrest.

An Huntington Park DUI Lawyer can go over the case with you and help you see defenses you may not have thought about. The starting point is to use common DUI defenses that have worked in the past, such as:

-Challenging Blood Alcohol Level(scientific argument).
-Attacking Police procedures such as the field sobriety tests.
-Contesting police reports and witness statements through cross examination.

Hire an experienced DUI lawyer to get the best results for your case. A free consultation costs nothing and can help you see the best defenses available for your case.

Huntington Park DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Work with a DUI lawyer who knows DUI law, Ask them questions, let them show you how you can fight your case.

Huntington Park DUI Tools:
Huntington Park Courthouse Information
Huntington Park City Information

Some notable Recent DUI Victories for our Arcadia DUI Lawyer include:

-Jury trial NOT GUILTY verdict for CVC 23152(a), the DUI charge.

-Successfully saving a client’s license at DMV hearing by using the rising blood alcohol defense. (Orange DSO.)

-Reduction in charges that carried a minimum of 10 days in jail to a charge that only involved a small fine.

DUI cases can be winnable if you work with your DUI lawyer. Call today and speak with a DUI lawyer at 213-400-0358.

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