DUI lawyer in the city of Industry goes over what you need to know following a DUI arrest.

If you are faced with a DUI arrest in the city of Industry, the first smart step after for you to take is to speak with an Industry DUI lawyer. DUI cases can be tough, but they are winnable and you need to speak to a DUI attorney versed in the various defenses and comfortable with DUI law. Time is short for DUI cases because you only have 10 days for your lawyer to call DMV to get a hearing. Otherwise, you face a mandatory suspension of your license.

The Industry DUI lawyer you choose will go over your case with you, including:

-Your case’s strengths, weak areas and best strategy.
-Blood, breath or urine evidence against you.
-How to win the DMV hearing.
-How to reduce the damage from a bad situation.
Over the phone a Torrance DUI Lawyer begins the case is an important first step.

An Industry DUI lawyer will conduct a thorough review of your case so you and the lawyer can determine the best way forward. This includes going over regular defense strategies that work in DUI cases, such as:

-Rising Blood Alcohol Level Defense argument.
-Attacking the calibration and maintenance of police equipment.
-Challenging Police investigation procedures and police report making.

The first step is calling a dedicated DUI defense lawyer who wants to help you in this situation. At no risk, a free consultation can answer your questions and start you on the road to finding the best defenses that will work for you.

Industry DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Pick up the phone, call an experienced attorney who handles Industry DUI cases and let them help you to answer your questions and show you what your options are.

Industry DUI Links:
Industry Courthouse Information
Industry Police Department

Recent victories for your Industry DUI Lawyer include:

-23152(a) NOT GUILTY verdict at a DUI jury trial.

-Victory at DMV hearing allowing driver to keep her license (Orange DSO.)

-Reduction in charges that carried a minimum of 10 days in jail to a charge that only involved a small fine.

DUI Cases can be won if handled right. You need the best lawyer you can find to help you with your DUI case.

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