Inglewood DUI Lawyer to fight for you against your DUI arrest.

Discussing your case with an Inglewood DUI Lawyer is a good place to start if you’re facing a DUI charge in Inglewood. This is true if you or someone you know or love has been arrested for DUI in Inglewood. DUI cases can be won, which is why it is important for you to speak with a DUI attorney. The DMV acts quickly in DUI cases, because under DMV rules 10 days you only have 10 days to request a DMV hearing. If your lawyer doesn’t request a hearing in that time, you face an automatic suspension of your license.

An Inglewood DUI lawyer you choose can review and discuss with you:
-How best for fight your DUI case.
-The strengths and weaknesses of blood and breath evidence.
-How best to beat the DMV hearing process.
-Minimize and repair the damage from this bad occurrence.

How an Inglewood DUI Lawyer starts a DUI case.

An Inglewood DUI Lawyer will conduct a thorough case review of your case in an attempt to find its strengths and weaknesses. This includes going over the case looking for common DUI defenses, such as:

-Rising Blood Alcohol Defense.
-Police misconduct or mistakes.
-Issue with the blood and breath evidence such as calibration of instruments.

Working closely along the side of a DUI attorney to assist you toward that first step in a successful outcome. With little or no risk, a free consultation can help you start to determine your best game plan. It is a great idea to let an experienced DUI lawyer look at your case for any defense they can find.

Inglewood DUI Lawyer Consultation and what happens in your case.

Call and speak with an experienced attorney who handles Inglewood DUI cases. They will be happy to go over the entire case with you and get you started on a path to protect your rights.

DUI Victories for our Inglewood DUI Lawyer include:

-NOT GUILTY verdict in a jury trial for DUI case in Orange County for CVC 23152(a)

-Saved a driver’s license at DMV Hearing by getting a set-aside granted(Orange DSO.)

-DUI charges dropped in a case involving a Blood Alcohol level of .12%, allowing the client to walk away with a reckless driving charge instead (with no driver’s license suspension from the court).

DUI cases are winnable. Call a DUI attorney, don’t delay to get moving in the right way on your case.

Inglewood DUI tools:
Inglewood Courthouse
Inglewood Police Department

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