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Getting help from a Long Beach DUI Lawyer when you call them.

Talking to a Long Beach DUI Lawyer is a good place to start for someone facing a DUI charge, or someone who knows someone with a DUI charge in Long Beach. DUI cases can be won, so you should speak with an attorney who understands DUI cases and how to beat them. Its important to act quickly, because under DMV rules 10 days are allowed following a DUI arrest to have your lawyer contact the DMV to stop the license suspension.

The Long Beach DUI lawyer you choose can review and discuss with you:
-Your entire case, its strengths and weaknesses.
-The accuracy of police blood or breath evidence in your case.
-Strategies to handle the DMV.
-Making the best of a bad situation.

How Long Beach DUI Lawyer handles the case is important.

A Long Beach DUI Lawyer will conduct a thorough review of your case to find the strengths and weaknesses. This includes going over defenses that you can raise, such as:

-Rising BAC or Blood Alcohol Content (scientific argument).
-Flawed Police Investigation (scientific argument).
-Missing evidence, faulty police reports, faulty police training(legal argument).

Allow a talented DUI attorney to assist you with your case. With no cost, a free consultation can shed new light on your particular circumstances and allow for an experienced DUI lawyer to look for any defense.

Long Beach DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Make a phone call and speak with an experienced attorney who handles Long Beach DUI cases and let them answer your questions and show you all of your options.

Some notable Recent DUI Victories for our Long Beach DUI Lawyer inlcude:

-Not Guilty verdict at jury trial for DUI case in Orange County for CVC 23152(a)

-DMV license suspension set aside at DMV Hearing (Orange DSO.)

-Reduction in charges from a charge requiring 10 days in jail to a simple infraction, avoiding any possibility of jail for the client.

DUI cases can be won, or at a minimum, the damage can be minimized. Don’t delay, call a DUI attorney to get moving in the right direction.

Long Beach DUI tools:
Long Beach Courthouse: The Long Beach Courthouse is where most DUI prosecutions will be sent if the arrest was conducted in the Long Beach area. 

Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney: Zack McCready and Associates is an experienced and dedicated criminal defense law firm in Long Beach

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