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North Hollywood is a quiet community in the San Fernando valley known for its easy access to attractions, including the various studios that surround the area. An arrest in North Hollywood for DUI can be scary. That’s why you should speak with a North Hollywood DUI lawyer if you or someone you know has recently been involved in a DUI. DUI cases can be resolved with a minimum of a hastle or bad results following the driver. The DUI lawyer you speak with will go over the case with you during the initial consultation. Some of the things the lawyer will be looking for are related to the stop. How fast were you driving? Were there other people with you in the car? Was there an accident? All of these pieces of information will contain valuable bits for your lawyer to begin building the case for you.

The defenses your North Hollywood DUI lawyer can help you with will determine your case outcome.

Based on what you tell your DUI attorney, they can formulate a strategy that will help you win your case. An effective argument in DUI cases is often related to police mis-conduct or mistakes in hadling the case. Another effective argument to raise relates to the scientific evidence in the case and whether it is accurate, autheticated and properly marked. These are complex legal defenses that a lawyer who regularly deals with DUI cases will know. So its important to work closely with your DUI attorney and answer their questions truthfully.

Some of the consequences a North Hollywood DUI lawyer can help you avoid are worth avoiding.

In addition to the embarssment of losing your license, being arrested and having your mugshot taken, DUI’s have other consequenes. Fines, mandatory AA meetings or alcohol classes, community service and even jail time are possible in DUI cases.
To avoid these consequences, speak to a North Hollywood DUI lawyer at 213-400-0358 today and get back on track.
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By Jon Straub

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