Northridge DUI Lawyer talks about your rights if you were arrested.

Northridge is a town situated north of Los Angeles on the north side of the San Fernando Valley in a mountainous are of Southern California. Northridge is home to Cal State Northridge, a state University with a renowned criminal justice program. Northridge is not only a college town, there are a lot of things to do in Northridge. Resturaunts, bars, night clubs, all dot the landscape in Northridge. Because of the vibrant night life in Northridge, people visiting the area occasionally find themeselves on the wrong side of a DUI arrest. If this happens to you, or someone you know, you should know there is something you can do to fight back.

Calling a Northridge DUI lawyer has never been easier.

If you were involved in a DUI arrest in Northridge, it is a good idea to call a DUI attorney. DUI law is a unique area of law, with special rules and laws that apply only to DUI cases. A DUI attorney will go over the case with you and look for various defenses. Some of the questions the attorney may ask you include:
-Where were you when you were stopped?
-How much did you have to drink?
-When did you start and stop drinking?
-Were there other people with you that night?

The free consultation is the first meeting with your DUI lawyer and is a good place to tell them everything you remember about the arrest.

The common defenses DUI lawyers are familiar with.

When your consultation is over, your DUI lawyer will have a better idea as to which defenses are avaliable to you. These defenses include:
-Blood alcohol rising or BAC rising defense strategy.
-Attacking the police field sobriety tests.
-Questioning witnesses, including the police officers at the scene.

Northridge Courthouse Information

With this information, your DUI lawyer can lay the groundwork for your defense. For a free consultation with a Northridge DUI lawyer, call 213-400-0358.

By Jon Straub

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