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Getting the most from you Palos Verdes Estates DUI Lawyer when you call them.

Talking to a Palos Verdes Estates DUI Lawyer would be a good starting place if you or someone you loved was recently arrested for DUI in Palos Verdes Estates. DUI cases are winnable, so it’s important to talk to someone who regularly deals with DUI cases and knows about the various defenses. 10 days are allowed following a DUI arrest to have your lawyer contact the DMV to stop the license suspension, so its important you act quickly.

The Palos Verdes Estates DUI lawyer you hire can discuss with you:
-A review of your case and all of the options available to you
-How to attack the accuracy of police tests and blood or breath results
-How to best handle the DMV hearing
-How to minimize the damage of this bad situation

What a Palos Verdes Estates DUI Lawyer does with their clients is important

A Palos Verdes Estates DUI Lawyer will review your case with you to ensure you don’t miss anything that can help you win your DUI case. This includes going over defenses that you can raise, such as:

-Blood Alcohol Defense (scientific argument)
-Wrong or Improper Police Investigation (scientific argument)
-Paper work, probable cause, or evidential mistakes (legal argument)

Let an experienced DUI attorney help you with your case. At no cost, a free consultation costs nothing and will shed new light on your case with a fresh set of eyes and an experienced legal mind helping you make the right decisions.

Palos Verdes Estates DUI Lawyer Consultation:

Call our office and speak with an experienced attorney who handles Palos Verdes Estates DUI cases and let them answer your questions and show you all of your options.

Some notable Recent DUI Victories for our Palos Verdes Estates DUI Lawyer inlcude:

-Not Guilty verdict at jury trial for DUI case in Orange County for CVC 23152(a)

-DMV License Suspension set aside at Orange DMV’s Driver Safety Office

-Plea agreement in Los Angeles where client, who was facing 10 days in County Jail, was able to avoid jail time and probation, and merely pay a fine

DUI cases can be handled successfully and the harm they cause kept to a minimum.

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