Consequences of a DUI in Pasadena:

A DUI arrest in Pasadena has Criminal Court and DMV consequences. Additional consequences can result if the person involved in a DUI case has a special license or career path, such as real-estate agent, nurse, doctor, commercial truck driver or other career where employers would frown upon a DUI conviction.  To learn more about the consequences of a DUI arrest in California, click here.

Criminal Court Consequences:

A DUI case in Pasadena can result in:
-Jail time
-Mandatory Alcohol Education classes
-Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device

A DUI is not a traffic ticket or a minor offense.  DUI crimes are typically treated as misdemeanors, but sometimes they are charged as felonies.  Felony DUI cases involve accidents with serious bodily injury and cases where the driver has 3 or more prior DUIs.

DMV Consequences:

For a DUI arrest, there is an automatic DMV license suspension from 4 months to 1 year, depending on the facts of the case. You can avoid the automatic license suspension if you or an attorney requests an APS hearing within 10 days of a DUI arrest.


The DUI process:

The DUI process starts with the initial police investigation.  Often police (or sheriffs or highway patrol) will observe a driver and make a determination to stop the driver.  During the stop, these officers are looking for routine cues that signal impairment on the part of the driver.

If you are arrested in Pasadena on a DUI charge, you need to be aware of the following.

-There is a limited time to act before the DMV will suspend your license.
-while not true in every case, people who face DUI charges usually do better (get lower fines, lesser punishment) if they hire a DUI lawyer to help them with their case.
-DUI lawyers can help you spot defenses to your DUI charges.

Talking to a Pasadena DUI Lawyer can help you with your DUI case.

The first step for anyone arrested for DUI should be to contact a DUI attorney. The DUI attorney can set up a consultation to
-Go over the case and the facts presented.
-Come up with defenses to the case.
-Prepare the client for what lies ahead.

A Pasadena DUI Lawyer will be able to look at all of the evidence and show you the common defenses to DUI cases, such as:

-Improper Police stop procedures
-Improper Police interrogation procedures
-Improper use of DUI testing equipment
-Improper field sobriety tests
-Calibration and accuracy problems with police equipment

Call a Pasadena DUI Lawyer today, at 213-400-0358. DUI cases can be won and should be fought hard. Picking the right lawyer will ensure you fight your case as hard as you can and get the best possible outcome. You case may be won, or at the very least, the damage minimized so the harmful consequences are kept to a minimum.

The most common defenses used by a Pasadena DUI Lawyer:

DUI cases involve similar fact patterns and scientific defense arguments. The two areas where a Pasadena DUI lawyer can find an effective defense include 1. Legal and 2. Scientific Defenses.

Legal Defenses
DUIs involve offenders being arrested by law enforcement and are no different than other crimes.  Problems with police investigation, police equipment and police training are all areas that a DUI lawyer can find defenses.

Location of Pasadena Courthouse:

DUI cases in Pasadena are sent to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Pasadena branch.  For misdemeanors, the case is typically first sent to Department G where the Pasadena City Attorney’s office has an attorney on duty.


Pasadena DUI helpful links:

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Pasadena Police Department: The city of Pasadena police department is the primary law enforcement entity in Pasadena paroling and enforcing DUI laws in and around Pasadena.

Information about Pasadena:  Situated northeast of Los Angeles, Pasadena is a city known for the arts, mountains, green parks and open spaces. Pasadena is also known for the Jet propulsion laboratory (JPL). Pasadena also has a vibrant night life, and is close to Burbank, Los Angeles and a short drive from the Inland Empire.

City Attorney of Pasadena: The Pasadena city attorney’s office prosecutes misdemeanor DUIs in and around the Pasadena area.

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