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A Pico Rivera DUI Lawyer with some answers and some good news.

If you or someone you love was arrested for DUI inPico Rivera, don’t fret. Talking to a Pico Rivera DUI lawyer is the first step in getting your life back. Help in your situation is just a phone call away, with someone who understands the law, knows your rights, and who will listen to you.

Getting a Pico Rivera DUI Lawyer to help you with a DUI arrest is easy.

Call our office and speak with a Pico Rivera DUI Lawyer who can answer your questions and help you prepare for your case. During your free consultation, your Pico Rivera DUI Lawyer can:

-Look at your case and discuss your options
-show you weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to attack
-Review all of the evidence
-Help you make your best case in front of the the criminal courts as well as the DMV

Pico Rivera DUI Lawyer Strategies

An experienced Pico Rivera DUI lawyer can show you defenses that win DUI cases, such as:
-Rising BAC or “Blood alcohol” (scientific argument)
-Improper use of police equipment or procedures(scientific argument)
-Mistakes in Police investigation (legal argument)

If you or someone you love was arrested for DUI, it is a good idea to
so it pays to talk to someone who handles DUI cases regularly and understands the various defenses. You only have 10 days following a DUI arrest to have your lawyer contact the DMV to stop the license suspension.

Our office can boast of these Recent DUI Victories:

-Not Guilty verdict at jury trial for DUI case in Orange County for CVC 23152(a)

-DMV License Suspension set aside at Orange DMV’s Driver Safety Office

-Plea agreement in Los Angeles where client, who was facing 10 days in County Jail, was able to avoid jail time and probation, and merely pay a fine

Your case may be winnable, or the damage of the situation minimized. Speak to a Pico Rivera DUI Lawyer today.

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