A Pomona DUI lawyer with some good news for you.

If you were arrested for DUI, you should know that DUI cases can be won. This is possible, though not guaranteed, through hard work and effort on the part of you Pomona DUI lawyer. The first step you should take after getting a DUI is to call an experienced, competent DUI lawyer.

What to do if you need a DUI Lawyer in Pomona

A DUI lawyer in Pomona can help you if you were involved in a DUI arrest. If a friend or loved one was involved in a DUI arrest, a Pomona DUI Lawyer can also help them get back on their feet and back in the swing of things.

A Pomona DUI attorney will review the case with you to look for
-defenses against probable cause for the stop
-defenses against probable cause for the arrest
-defenses fighting the accuracy of the FST’s (Field Sobriety Tests)
-defenses fighting the accuracy of the blood or breath test

As you can see, there are a lot of things to go over when you consult with a Pomona DUI lawyer. All of these issues need to be examined to make the best possible case for you or someone you know facing DUI charges.

Once the DUI Lawyer in Pomona has a chance to help you, you should be able to relax and breath easier knowing your case is being handled by a skilled, experienced DUI attorney. Experinece counts, so make sure to look for an attorney with the right background in Pomona.

The Pomona Courthouse is located off of W. Mission Ave in Pomona. A DUI Lawyer in Pomona can help you locate the courthouse and find parking.

Pomona Courthouse Information

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