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Talking with a San Dimas DUI lawyer can have a huge impact on your DUI case.

The first step you should take following an arrest for DUI in San Dimas is to call a DUI familiar and comfortable with DUI cases. Time is critical in these cases because the DMV gives a driver only 10 days to have their attorney request a DMV hearing, otherwise the driver’s license will be suspended automatically. San Dimas is a city southeast of Los Angeles, where having the right lawyer can make all the difference. If you or someone you know was involved with a DUI arrest in San Dimas, calling a San Dimas DUI lawyer is the smartest first step. As stressful as the situation can be, speaking with a DUI lawyer can help you overcome your fears and concerns. DUI cases aren’t like other cases, you should understand the importance of speaking with a DUI lawyer who understands the various defenses available in DUI cases. One unique thing about DUI cases is how fast you have to act: the DMV will suspend your license automatically within 10 days unless your lawyer calls and schedules an appointment for a DMV hearing on the matter. So it’s critical to speak with a DUI lawyer as soon as you can following a DUI arrest.

Some of the things a San Dimas DUI Lawyer can discuss with you during a consultation are:
-Your best defenses in a DUI case
-How to win at the DMV hearing that follows a DUI arrest
-What happened in your particular case

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What you and your San Dimas DUI Lawyer will do together.

A San Dimas DUI Lawyer will sit down with you and discuss your case and what the best defenses available are.

The most common DUI defenses that work are:

-Rising Blood Alcohol Defense.
-Attacks on Police probable cause for arrest
-Evidentary arguments about the accuracy and validity of the chemical DUI tests

An experienced DUI lawyer can sit down with you and go over these important factors. A San Dimas DUI attorney with years of experience can put your mind at ease and help you to the best possible outcome for your case. You owe it to yourself and your family to call an experienced DUI lawyer to help you.

DUI Victories for our San Dimas DUI Lawyer include:

-NOT GUILTY verdict for DUI charge CVC 23152(a) in a full jury trial

-Set-aside granted at DMV hearing, saving a driver’s license.(Orange DSO.)

-0.12% BAC client got a DUI charge reduced to reckless driving with no court ordered license supension in their case as a result of negotiations with the DA.

DUI can be won, but they are tough so you want the right lawyer helping you. Call a DUI attorney to start the process today. The San Dimas DUI lawyer you speak with can help you calm down, focus, and make the best arguments you can in your case.

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