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A Sherman Oaks DUI Lawyer with some answers.

A smart first move following an unfortunate DUI arrest in Sherman Oaks would be to call a Sherman Oaks DUI Lawyer. DUI cases can be won, so its important you speak with someone who is familiar with the defenses unique to DUI cases. Time is critical in these cases because the DMV gives a driver only 10 days to have their attorney request a DMV hearing, otherwise the driver’s license is automatically suspended.

Sherman Oaks DUI Lawyer with fair rates and good people skills

If you or someone you love is stopped in Sherman Oaks and faces a DUI, there are certain things you should do to ensure your rights are protected. First, you need to request a DMV hearing within 10 days of the arrest, or the driver’s license of the driver will automatically be suspended. Second, you should contact a lawyer to help you. Even if you don’t hire the lawyer, a consultation is advisable so they can go over your options. Third, you need to explore all options available to you. DUI cases are winnable. You should have a game plan in mind and look for the best possible outcome for your DUI situation. A Sherman Oaks DUI Lawyer with the right level of experience is the best place to start.

Using the right Sherman Oaks DUI lawyer

If you find a good DUI lawyer, they can tell you the possible defenses available to you. Common DUI case defenses include: -Lack of Probable Cause for the initial police stop -Lack of Probable Cause to arrest for intoxication -Flaws in Field Sobriety tests -Flaws in medical evidence gathered by Police A Sherman Oaks DUI lawyer can go over all of these defense with you and show you how to best prepare your defense. Sherman Oaks Courthouse Information

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