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Fight back with the help of a Thousand Oaks DUI Lawyer.

If you or someone you love is facing DUI charges stemming from a DUI arrest in the Thousand Oaks area, calling a dedicated Thousand Oaks DUI Lawyer is the first step in fighting back. This first important step will be to protect your rights by consulting with a DUI lawyer who knows your rights.

DUI cases are complicated cases, with police, scientific and witness evidence. Even with their complications, DUI cases can be won. Fighting back in DUI cases is critical, because the penalties are severe. They can include:

-Driver’s License Suspension
-Stiff fines
-Community Service
-Alcohol Classes and mandatory AA classes
-Jail time depending on the case.

Time is not on your side, but you can have a Thousand Oaks DUI Lawyer on your side.

The DMV will automatically suspend your driver’s license 10 days following the arrest, unless you schedule a DMV hearing. So its important to act quickly in these cases. Often, the DMV hearing is handled by the attorney of a driver facing DUI charges. It is a good idea to have your lawyer schedule the DMV hearing to avoid scheduling conflicts that your lawyer may have with the dates you chose.

Free consultation with a Thousand Oaks DUI lawyer.

Your consultation with a Thousand Oaks DUI Lawyer, at a minimum, will cover:

What happened during the DUI arrest:

-Where did the events take place?
-Were you with anyone, or were you alone?
-Did the police have you perform? FST’s (field sobriety tests?) Did the police have you perform blood or breath tests?

Also covered during your consultation, your lawyer a thorough review of the defenses available. These defenses,which are commonly used to win DUI cases, have been proven effective in beating DUI charges. They include:

-The rising BAC or Rising Blood Alcohol Level defense
-Questioning the police probable cause for arrest.
-Showing the problems with the police procedures, tests, equipment, and training.

Thousand Oaks Courthouse
Thousand Oaks Sheriff’s Dept. Station

What your Thousand Oaks DUI lawyer will do for your case.

Allow a dedicated, knowledgeable DUI lawyer to review your case. They will hunt for the common defenses they deal with all the time. Letting the right DUI attorney look at your case and get all of the facts is the first step in a successful case result. A no risk DUI consultation with a Calabasas DUI lawyer will clear things up in your mind, and show you the way forward.

Call and speak with a dedicated lawyer who handles Thousand Oaks DUI cases. They will be happy to go over the entire case with you and get you started on a path to protect your rights.

Recent DUI wins for our Calabasas DUI Lawyer include:

-Jury trial NOT GUILTY verdict for DUI charge CVC 23152(a).

-Victory at DMV hearing in a case involving a blood test case (0.09% BAC.)

-Having all Driving Under the Influence charges dropped, with a reduction to reckless driving. (Case involved Blood Alcohol Content of 0.12% with the driver swerving across lanes and texting.)

You can fight back in your DUI case, Call 213-400-0358 to speak with a dedicated Thousand Oaks DUI lawyer looking forward to fighting on your side and helping you.

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