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Van Nuys DUI Lawyer: Protecting the rights of people accused of DUI

A Van Nuys DUI Lawyer can show you what happens in a DUI case and explain what you need to do to avoid the consequences of a DUI.  The primary job for a Van Nuys DUI Lawyer is to fight to protect clients’ rights.  We take this job seriously, and our case results speak for themselves: Not guilty verdicts at trial, case dismissals, DMV hearing victories preventing license suspensions, keeping clients out of jail and making sure they can drive to and from work.  See Recent Case Results. 

If you want to

-Avoid Jail time or community service
-Keep your California Driver’s License
-Keep fines to a minimum and avoid an Ignition Interlock Device

Call our office to discuss what you can do in your case.

What a Van Nuys DUI lawyer says about DUI penalties:

A DUI case involves two different areas of concern.  The DMV and the Criminal Court system.  The DMV will suspend a DUI driver’s license unless the driver can argue a successful defense at the DMV hearing.   If the driver loses the Criminal Court case, they will have a criminal record  and face additional court costs.  VanNuysDUIConsequencesThe court can also impose a license suspension, fines, mandatory alcohol classes, mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device and in some cases, jail time.  So its important to understand what you’re facing and what you can do about it. A Van Nuys DUI lawyer is the first person you should speak with following a DUI arrest.

According to Van Nuys DUI Lawyer Nicholas Loncar, the managing attorney for iDefendLosAngeles,  DUI cases are very common: approximately 40% of all criminal prosecutions in the state of California involve DUI cases.   Making sure you have the right team on your side is the best first step in fighting a DUI case.

For a first time DUI case, the standard penalties are:

-DMV license suspension
-Court ordered license suspension
-Large fines (approximately $1500 in most cases)
-Mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device
-DMV and court ordered Alcohol education classes

Jail-time is reserved for serious cases and is a possibility in 1st offense DUI cases.   Jail-time is mandatory in 2nd and 3rd DUI cases. As with all DUI penalties, these penalties can be reduced if you fight your case and show the prosecution the case has weaknesses that will make it difficult for them at trial.

DUI cases involve special circumstances that a Van Nuys DUI Lawyer is able to handle.

DUI cases are not like most cases because they involve unique scientific, legal and factual issues. Because of this, it is important to speak with a lawyer who is very familiar with DUI cases and DUI law.

A lawyer who can argue the factual defenses in DUI cases

Van Nuys DUI LawyerDUI cases involve unique fact patterns that can present defenses to the knowledgeable DUI lawyer. For example, an important issue in DUI cases is the issue of driving. Police officers need to witness a driver actually driving the car in order to establish driving. (Simple enough.) However, in many cases, the police do not actually see the driver driving the car because they show up on scene after the car already stopped, either after an accident or when they come upon a parked car with people in it. A DUI lawyer understands that the police have to be able to prove who was driving the car, and without an admission by the driver, or actual witnessing a person driving a car, the issue of driving can be challenged in court.

Defenses involving science arguments in DUI cases.

The scientific issues in DUI cases make them complex and difficult to understand. At first glance, the sensitivity of the blood and breath tests in DUI cases makes it look like they are highly accurate and difficult to beat. But it is the sensitivity of these tests that is their greatest weakness. The blood and breath tests in DUI cases need to be done exactly properly, with no errors in calibration, administration and preservation of the tests. To do these tests 100% correctly is difficult and requires the police investigators to thorougly understand the tests and perform a long list of tasks. An experienced DUI lawyer understands this, and will find a mistake somewhere in the testing to help their client show the test is innacurate.

Legal defenses in DUI cases.Van Nuys DUI Lawyer

DUI cases are like any criminal case. The police need to have probable cause to arrest the defendant. The police need to show adaquate investigation that leads them up to the formation of probable cause. If the police cannot show adaquate investigation, a DUI defense lawyer can argue for supression of evidence in the DUI case.

As you can see, DUI cases have have issues and factual topics that an experienced DUI lawyer can take advantage of to maximize the chances for their clients.

Call a Van Nuys DUI Lawyer to discuss your case and fight for your rights.

The first step in a DUI arrest is to call a Van Nuys DUI Lawyer to get your case moving in the right direction. Whether the person arrested was you or someone you know or love, call an attorney who handles DUI cases in Van Nuys. DUI cases are winnable, which is why its so important to speak with a DUI attorney and get all the information you can. Under DMV rules 10 days you only have 10 days to request a DMV hearing, so you should realize DMV acts quickly in these cases. Your license will be automatically suspended if your lawyer doesn’t request a hearing in that 10 days.

A Van Nuys DUI lawyer you choose can review and discuss with you:
-Strategies to fight your case.
-How to beat blood and breath evidence.
-What do do at the DMV hearing.
-Reduce the bad consequences of a DUI arrest in Van Nuys.

Van Nuys DUI Lawyer Tools:

City of Van Nuys

Van Nuys Court Information

Van Nuys Police Information

The High Road Program

DUI and Drug rehabilitation program helpful to some DUI offenders.

LAPD Valley Taffic Bureau
The LAPD Valley traffic division is responsible for policing the Van Nuys area for traffic and DUI offenses.

CHP Branch Offices
The CHP is California’s largest law enforcement agency. One of the CHP’s primary tasks is DUI enforcement.

Starting place for a Van Nuys DUI Lawyer.

A Van Nuys DUI Lawyer will go through a step-by-step case review of your looking to find the best strategy for your case. Common DUI case defenses that are found are:

-Rising BAC or (Blood Alcohol Content) Defense.
-Sloppy, incomplete, or improper police work
-Blood and breath evidence problems such as lack of calibration of machines.

It is a great idea to let an experienced DUI lawyer review your case looking for defenses they’re familiar with. Calling the right DUI attorney to assist you toward that first step in a successful case result. At no risk to you, a free consultation can help you start to determine the best way to move forward with your case.

A consultation with a Van Nuys DUI lawyer will help you see if you have a shot at beating your case.

Call and speak with an experienced attorney who handles Van Nuys DUI cases. They will be happy to go over the entire case with you and get you started on a path to protect your rights.

DUI cases are tough, but can be won. Call a DUI attorney to start the process of moving your case in the right direction.

By Jon Straub:

Updated December 15, 2015

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