Venice DUl lawyer offers advice for people facing DUI charges

Venice is a city known for its bars, beaches and booze. Any city that is so much fun can also have a down side:a DUI problem. In fact, Venice is a city that has a disproportionate number of DUI arrests and DUI incidents. While Venice is a nice place to visit, it is also a place you do not want to get a DUI in. If you are arrested for DUI in Venice, speak to a lawyer who can help you get the most out of your case.

Venice DUI Lawyer tips and strategies.

A DUI lawyer is the first person you should call following a DUI arrest. This is a good idea because a DUI lawyer understands the common defenses you can raise in typical case. DUI cases are winnable even though they are tough cases. Winning DUI defenses include:
-Rising Blood Alcohol defense
-Attacking police evidence such as the police report, witness statements and police field sobriety tests.
-Showing defects to the calibration and accuracy of the police blood and breath test equipment.

A Venice DUI lawyer can show you how the most common DUI defenses work at the DMV hearing as well. These defenses include:
-Improperly filled out DS367 form
-Improper DMV abstract
-Attacking the lack of probable cause by police

Getting a DUI in Venice doesn’t have to be a terrible event. A Venice DUI lawyer can get you on the road to recovery and salvaing your reputation, money and time. If you or someone you love gets a DUI, or is arrested in Venice, a consultation with a DUI lawyer in Venice is a good idea.

What your Venice DUI lawyer will go over with you at the consultation.

A consultation with your attorney will include a review of:
-the case facts
-the relevant case law
-the client goals and wishes

A consultation with a Venice DUI lawyer is the starting place of your defense game plan. Call 213-400-0358.

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