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Making a call to the right West Hollywood DUI Lawyer can have a big impact on your case.

West Hollywood DUI LawyerAfter getting a DUI in West Hollywood, the steps you take are important. It is a good idea to call the right West Hollywood DUI lawyer so you can learn what your options and rights are. DUI cases are challenging, but can be won. This is why its so important to call a lawyer who handles DUI cases regularly and who understands the various DUI case defenses. In DUI cases, the DMV moves fast: you only have 10 days to have your lawyer call the DMV to get the process started to save your license. Otherwise, your license will automatically be suspended at the end of the 10 days if your lawyer doesn’t act.

A West Hollywood DUI lawyer you choose can review and discuss with you:
-The best ways to beat your case.
-Strengths and weaknesses of your case.
-How to best handle the DMV.

West Hollywood DUI Lawyer Tools:

West Hollywood Court Information
West Hollywood Police Department

What you and your West Hollywood DUI lawyer can do about your DUI arrest.

A West Hollywood DUI lawyer will conduct a thorough case review looking for the strengths and weaknesses. Common defenses in cases like yours include:

-Rising BAC Defense.
-Issues surrounding police work like incomplete reports or faulty tests
-Blood or breath evidence problems.

Let an experienced DUI lawyer review your case looking for the common defenses they deal with all the time. Letting the right DUI attorney look at your case and get all of the facts is the first step in a successful case result. With absolutely no risk a free consultation can help you begin the process to determine the best way to move forward with your case.

West Hollywood DUI Lawyer Consultation and what happens in your case.

Call and speak with an experienced attorney who handles West Hollywood DUI cases. They will be happy to go over the entire case with you and get you started on a path to protect your rights.

Recent DUI wins for our West Hollywood DUI Lawyer include:

-Jury Trial NOT GUILTY verdict for DUI charge CVC 23152(a) in Orange County

-DMV hearing victory, saving a driver’s license.(Orange DSO.)

-Reckless driving charges for a driver who initially faced DUI charges with a Blood Alcohol Content of .12.

DUI can be won, but they are tough so you want the right lawyer helping you. Call a DUI attorney to start the process today.

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