Whittier DUI Lawyer

Whittier is a picturesque town southeast of Los Angeles known for its nightlife, its bars and resturants and its animal life. Whittier is named after John Greenleaf Whitter, a poet in the 1800’s who enjoyed living in the area and writing beautiful poetry. So much fun can mean trouble if someone visiting or living in Whittier is arrested for DUI. If that happens to you or a loved-one, there are things you should know about Whittier DUI cases.

Understanding the defenses a Whittier DUI Lawyer can raise

A DUI Lawyer in Whittier can help you by making sure you raise every possible defense in your DUI case. For example, common DUI Defenses include:
-Lack of probable cause for police stop
-Lack of probable casue for police detention
-Faulty Field Sobriety Testing
-Faulty Breath or Blood analysis
-Witness bias or prejudice

All of these can have an important impact on your case, so it is best to speak with a Whittier DUI Lawyer to make sure you are raising every possible defense available.
Your DUI case will have several steps:
-DMV process and hearing
-Court Arraignment
-Court Pretrial conferences
-Court Trial

A Whittier DUI Lawyer will show you, for example, that at the DMV, you have the right to conforont and cross examine witnesses. You also have the right to show evidence in your favor, and to analyize blood or breath samples taken in the arrest.
At the court arraignment, your Whittier DUI lawyer can show you that you have the right to analyize the evidence another time, with another expert witness if you choose to do so.

The recent LA courthouse closures affected Whittier, which lost its courthouse. Cases that were handled in Whittier have been moved to surrounding courthouses, inlcuding Norwalk and West Covina.

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