DUI Probation Violation in California

How to handle a DUI Probation Violation in California:

A DUI Probation Violation in California can be  scary thing because a person violating probation can end up in jail if they’re not careful.  Jail is possible because a defendant in a criminal case often is given a choice of serving time for their crime in county jail, or accepting probation in lieu of jail.   If probation is violated, the court will often determine the original jail sentence should be carried out.California DUI Probation Violation

How to avoid jail  time for a DUI probation violation in California:

The best way to avoid jail time for probation violations is to handle the situation as quickly as possible with the help of an attorney who regularly handles probation cases and DUI cases.  A DUI attorney who handles probation violation cases will know:

-Which judges and prosecutors are more harsh with DUI probation violation cases

-Defenses that can work in DUI Probation Violation cases

-Explaining to the judge the reasons for the violation and what the defendant intends to do to fix the situation

This knowledge can mean the difference between ending up in jail, or walking out of court with your freedom.

Common Examples of DUI probation violations :

-Failing to pay fines

-failing to attend the required DUI alcohol education classes

-Failing to complete community service

-Failing to show installation of an ignition interlock device

A more serious example of a probation violation is when the defendant gets a 2nd DUI.  Courts treat 2nd DUI cases (cases where the driver gets a DUI while currently on probation for a 1st DUI) very seriously because people who engage in this behavior represent a real threat to the safety of the public at large.   DUI often cases involve serious injuries and deaths from traffic collisions, which makes judges so concerned with 2nd DUI probation violation cases that they will often require substantial jail time by the defendant as a way to protect the public at large.

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