DUIs and Divorce

The Connection between DUI and Divorce

Unfortunately, one marriage statistic stands out among the rest. The statistic in question states that nearly 50% of the marriages in the US will end in divorce. Lawyers with years of experience in Los Angeles can tell you that there are many complex reasons why marriages tend to fail. One reason that stands out is a wife or husband being arrested for DUI.

When a divorce proceeding takes place because of a DUI – due to driving while on drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicants – it creates an unimaginable level of stress, complexity, and financial strain. We will attempt to explain how each situation will have a major impact on the lives of those going through a divorce.

Increased Divorce Complexity

Going through a divorce is difficult on its own for all of the various reasons that your marriage is coming to an end. But when you add DUI to the mix, it adds an additional level of complexity that will need to be addressed in a courtroom or mediation setting.

For starters, due to the nature of the crime, monetary issues will most likely arise because of this situation. The spouse being charged with DUI will need to pay fines imposed by the court, a criminal defense lawyer, and he or she will be required to pay for certain damages due to the destruction of personal property or personal injury.

When young children enter the picture, it can even increase the complexity of the situation even further. Since the spouse charged with DUI could potentially be a risk to young children, the non-DUI spouse very well may seek sole custody instead of joint custody because of this situation. And that will leave the spouse arrested for DUI out of the important decision-making processes regarding the health, education, and well-being of the children.

Increased Levels of Emotional Stress

Divorce lawyers immediately see stress levels rise in both spouses when one spouse is arrested for DUI. And as far as the spouse arrested for DUI is concerned, their levels of emotional stress following the incarceration often go through the gamut including depression, remorse, disappointment, regret, anger, and anxiousness to name a few.

The spouse that did not get arrested for DUI will also experience a wide array of emotions as well. The differing emotions include frustration, anger, disappointment, and more. And if the DUI spouse has a severe addiction like drug problems or chronic alcoholism, it’s often a major source of contention and a reason for ending the marriage.

Increased Financial Difficulty

DUI related criminal proceedings coupled with a divorce will most certainly lead to financial strain. The DUI costs alone are going to be very expensive. You’ll need to retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer, post bail, pay fines, and incur other related expenses. As you can tell, this financial strain will certainly add to the problems already existing in a rocky marriage.

Conclusion: DUIs and Divorce

It’s plain to see that DUI can certainly lead to divorce. To prevent this possibility, seek help from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, individual therapy, marriage counseling and anything else that could help save the marriage.

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