Hiring a DUI Lawyer

When hiring a DUI lawyer, keep in mind what you want from them.   What are your biggest concerns ? What can they do to address these concerns?   Why are they the best lawyer for your your case? In this post we’ll discuss the things you should be aware of when choosing a DUI lawyer.

What is your biggest concern?

This is perhaps the most important factor in determining which DUI lawyer you should hire.  What are your major concerns? What can this lawyer do for them?  Does the lawyer listen to your concerns and show you that they have 1. Dealt with cases like yours and 2. Can tell you how they will address your concerns.

License Suspension:

Are you a commercial driver (facing a total license suspension for all types of commercial operations) that absolutely cannot lose your license or else you’ll lose your job? Or are you someone who can make due with a restricted license allowing you to only drive a personal vehicle to and from work?

If you’re in a career where any type of license suspension or restriction will result in a permanent job loss, you want to work with an experienced lawyer who has represented commercial drivers and knows how to best handle their cases.

Jail Time:

Are you facing 2nd DUI charges?  2nd DUI’s in California carry mandatory jail time.  If jail time is a worry for you, consider hiring a DUI lawyer who knows not only how to beat cases at trial, but who also knows alternative sentences (such as home confinement or sheriff’s work release) if a trial doesn’t make sense in your case or if you simply do not want to endure a jury trial.

Reviews vs. Results:

The internet has numerous attorney reivew sites, but in the end reviews are not as important as results.  Results are what count.  Results cannot be bought (unlike some review sites which can be manipulated).  Results cannot be faked or hacked.  Results from a lawyer are won in court and at the DMV.  Period.  Ask the lawyer you consult with about recent case results they have achieved. Check out our real case results here.

Reviews: The Good and the Bad

The internet has so many outlets now for business reviews. Websites like yelp, facebook, google, avvo and others have ways for customers to rate reviews of businesses.    Relying on reviews alone can be misleading.  Why?  Its simple human nature that if someone is upset with a business or the service they provided, they are much more likely to leave a bad review or complain than a person satisfied with the service they received.  Leaving a review takes time and energy.  Most people simply won’t bother to take the time or energy to leave a good review…. but angry people seem to find the energy and are all too enthusiastic to leave bad reviews.

Be careful of businesses with a crazy amount of reviews:

Unlike a restaurant review, where the customer is talking about a meal they ate, criminal defense lawyer reviews are completed by people that have been charged with a crime.  Think about it for a minute: if you were charged with a crime and criminally prosecuted, would you want to tell the world about it? Even if your lawyer did an excellent job?  Many people hire outstanding lawyers who get outstanding results for them and will simply not make an online review out of fear of being embarrassed by the situation.

Be wary of attorneys that have a well above average number of reviews…. If an attorney stands out by having 3 or 4 times the number of reviews that is average for other lawyers in their area…something doesn’t add up its not likely all of those reviews are legitimate.

Go with your gut feeling

If your gut says this lawyer isn’t for you.. keep looking. Look for a lawyer who is straightforward and honest, not one that is trying to scare you or tell you what you want to hear.  You have to be comfortable with the attorney you are hiring to represent you.

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