Holiday DUI Enforcement in California

Holidays are the days when DUI arrests are most frequent.  In fact, Thanksgiving day is the #1 day for DUI arrests.   The summer holidays have their fair shair of DUI arrests, with the #2 day being July 4.   This is due to holiday DUI enforcement in California and the other states that is designed to deter, catch and punish DUI driving during holidays.
The focus of all DUI enforcement, whether during holiday periods or during other times of the year, is to:
1. Reduce traffic fatalities
2. Reduce traffic accidents
3. Deter Driving Under the Influence crimes
4. Catch and Punish those engaging in DUI activities


A more cynical view says DUI enforcement efforts are also geared toward:’
1. Money making for the government
2. “Awards” that MAAD and similar activist groups give to officers for the number of DUI arrests they make

Holiday DUI Enforcement Methods:

Saturation patrols:

Saturation patrols are like their name implies: the roads are literally saturated with as many officers as law enforcement can muster. Officers are put on double, even triple over time. Shifts are added. Vacations are re-arraigned so that there is a maximum police/highway patrol presence during the holiday periods.

Check Points:

Check points are another law enforcement tool used to combat DUI accidents and deaths. Check points are set up on busy streets or boulevards where a large number of DUI arrests and accidents have occured in the past. DUI checkpoints have to meet a number of stringent constitutional requriements before they are set up, to ensure the government is not overly intrusive in its law enforcement efforts.

DUI Task Force Officers:

On nights with frequent DUI accidents/arrests, DUI task force officers are sent out on numerous patrols. These officers have special training in the common field sobriety tests:
HGN Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test
Rhomberg Test
Heel to Toe Walk the Line test
One leg stand test


California DUI Checkpoints

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