Home Confinement Orange County CA

How Home Confinement Orange County CA works:

If you or someone you care for is facing jail time in Orange County, an alternative known as “Home Confinement” will help them avoid going to jail. Most home confinement arrangements involve electronic monitoring of the person, with regular check ups by the County Sheriff. There are advantages and disadvantages to home confinement in Orange County CA:

The person on home confinement can avoid jail
The person can usually still go to work

The person on home confinement has to serve the entire term (no credit for “good behavior”)
Searches of the person’s home

Electronic monitoring Home Confinement Orange County CA:

In Orange County, electronic home confinement is accomplished using a GPS ankle bracelet. The GPS will alert the court and your lawyer if you leave a designated area (usually your house and the surrounding close area). Two big considerations clients often have are: “Can people see the ankle bracelet if I go out?” and “How much does it cost?”
First, you should realize the ankle braclet can be hidden under trousers or pants. It is not visable unless you decide to wear shorts. This is important if the person wants to go to work during their home confinement. Your lawyer can work with the court and prosecutors to allow you to go to and from work.

Home Confinement for 2nd DUI cases in California:

2nd DUI cases involve MANDATORY jail time, so people facing 2nd offense DUI cases should seriously consider home confinement in Orange County and other California counties. Home confinement in lieu of jail time in county jail isn’t guaranteed, but a lawyer who handles DUI cases can give you the best chance you can get for getting home confinement in your case.

How a lawyer gets home confinement for their clients:
-Home confinement isn’t guaranteed, but lawyers who frequently handle DUI cases and other cases involving jail time know which judges to avoid (some judges are unnecessarily harsh on DUI clients) and how to “pitch” the home confinement arrangment to the prosecutors. Prosecutors want to feel like they were able to exact punishment from DUI drivers. Judges (and defense lawyers and hopefully clients) want to ensure DUI drivers won’t commit a DUI offense again. An attorney who regularly works with judges and DA’s will show how home confinement accomplishes all of these goals.

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