How much does a DUI Cost?

DUI cases are expensive and have a big impact on people facing DUI charges. A DUI conviction can result in:

-Permanent criminal record
-Jail time
-Mandatory Alcohol Classes
-Mandatory Ignition Interlock Device
-Increased Car Insurance Premiums
-Lost time from work to handle court apperances

Impact on career and livelihood

The most obvious direct consequences are jail-time and the loss of a person’s drivers license.  There are indirect consequences on a persons career depending on their profession or occupation. Many employers will not hire someone with a criminal record, and others may discipline an employee for being arrested or for missing work because of a suspended license.

Additionally, certain jobs require state or federal licenses that can be impacted negatively if someone is convicted of a crime.  Examples of this include:  medical license (for doctors), real estate license and others, which can be suspended or revoked if a person is convicted of DUI.

If you can beat your DUI case at the DMV and in court, you will avoid these expenses and collateral consequences. That is why hiring the right DUI law firm is so important.

A list of the costs of a DUI includes:


-Mandatory Alcohol Classes

-Increased Insurance Rates

-Ignition Interlock Device (Breathalyzer) installed on your car

-Restitution (In accident cases)


How the costs of a DUI are calculated:

Increased Insurance Rates

A DUI will add approximately $2000 to your auto insurance rates annually.  Over 10 years, this will add up to approximately $20,000 in increased rates. If you avoid a DUI conviction and win your DMV hearing, these increases will not occur.

FinesDUI Costs in Los Angeles

The typical fines for a first offense DUI are $1500 to $1800 depending on the county where the DUI occurred.  If you are found not guilty or otherwise beat the DUI, your fines will be $0.

Alcohol Classes

The typical DUI case invovles mandatory alcohol classes.  These consist of anywhere from 6 to 9 months of classes that meet weekly or bi-weekly and typically cost approximately $650.

Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device costs approx. $1000 and is often rented from a vendor for approximately $100 per month.

DMV Re-instatement  fee

To get your license back after a DMV suspension, you will have to pay $150.


If you were involved in an accident, your insurance company will likely cover the costs of restitution for accident victims in your case.  But you can expect increased insurance premiums and you would be liable for the deductible.

We’re flexible and we work with clients to help them get the best representation possible in DUI cases. The cost of quality representation is less than the cost of the consequences of a DUI conviction. The consequences of a DUI arrest include a criminal record, mandatory alcohol education classes and mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (breathalyzer) on your car. On top of this there are increased insurance rates, fines, court assessments and DMV fees.

These expenses are in addition to the embarrassment, humiliation and stigma that comes with a DUI conviction.  If you can avoid a DUI conviction, you owe it to yourself to learn how.  DUI cases can be won with the right team fighting for you.  Call 213-400-0358 to learn more about how to avoid these expensive DUI penalties.


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