Huntington Beach DUI Lawyer

What a Huntington Beach DUI Lawyer does best: Fight and win DUI Cases.

A Huntington Beach DUI Lawyer uses their knowledge and experience to find the best way to beat DUI Cases. Fighting for clients’ and protecting their rights is the most important job for a Huntington Beach DUI lawyer, and the results speak for themselves:
-Not Guilty verdict and dismissals at trial
-Saving driver licenses from suspension
-Keeping clients out of jail
To people facing DUI charges, the most important thing for them is to find a Huntington Beach DUI Lawyer who will fight for their rights. A law firm that focuses on DUI cases and fights for clients’ rights can be reached by calling 213-400-0358.

What are the consequences of a DUI in Huntington Beach?

A DUI arrest and conviction results in two types of punishment: from the DMV and from the Criminal Court system.
The DMV has a mandate to suspend the driver’s license of people who are arrested for DUI. Your license will be suspended by the DMV,  meaning you cannot drive a car, even to or from work, during the license suspension.
The DMV starts the suspension process the moment you are stopped for DUI by police. The police officer (or sheriff, highway patrol officer or other law enforcement officer) will give the driver a pink sheet of paper that tells the driver their license will be suspended in 30 days.  You have 10 days to contact the DMV to request a hearing to save your license.  At the hearing, you have the right to confront witnesses against you, you have the right to discovery (meaning the DMV has to provide you with the evidence against you), and you have the right to present your case.
Criminal Court
A DUI also involves a criminal court proceeding against the driver. The consequences of the criminal case against a DUI driver include:
-A Criminal Conviction and Criminal Record
-Large Fines
-Mandatory Alcohol Education Classes
-A Court issued driver’s license suspension (seperate and apart from the DMV license suspension.)

A Huntington Beach DUI Lawyer who handles DUI cases can help you plan your best defense strategy to the DMV and Criminal Court Process.  A Huntington Beach DUI Lawyer who fights and wins DUI cases can be reached at 213-400-0358.

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