Ignition Interlock Device

A DUI conviction in Los Angeles county (and three other counties in California) will result in the requirement to install an ignition interlock device on your car or truck.  This is because of a change in California law that allows the DMV to make the installation of an IID mandatory in these counties.


What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device (called an IID) is essentially a breathalyzer that measures alcohol on a person’s breath.  This device is connected (or interlocked) with the car’s ignition and is designed to not allow the car to be started if the person blowing into the device has measurable alcohol on their breath.

How much does an Ignition Interlock Device cost?

An IID costs several hundreds of dollars, but is usually rented from a vendor for about $50 per month.

What counties are IID’s used in?

According to the California DMV, the IID Pilot Program (their term for the tesing phase of IID rule making) are limited to four counties: Alameda, Tulare, Sacramento and Los Angeles counties.  These four counties are “guinea pig” counties, where the DMV is testing the rules and protocols of making installation mandatory in DUI cases.  During the testing program (called the “pilot program”) the DMV is looking at the effectiveness of the breathalyzers in terms of their reduction in DUI recidivism because 2nd or 3rd offense DUI’s are more common than most people think.

Why are IID’s mandatory in Los Angeles?

The California DMV, at the direction and input from organizations such as MAAD and NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has determined Ignition Interlock Devices may be useful in reducing repeat DUI offenses.  This will have the effect of reducing DUI related accidents, injuries and deaths.

During the “pilot program” IID’s will be mandatory for all drivers that are convicted of DUI.  For a first offense DUI driver, an IID will be mandatory for 5 months.

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