Is hiring a lawyer worth it for a DUI case?


What does a DUI Lawyer actually do for DUI clients?

DUI lawyers are familiar with defenses that win DUI cases. For a 1st offense DUI case, this can mean the difference between having a permanent criminal record and not having one. It can also mean the difference between mandatory alcohol classes, AA meetings, an Ignition Interlock Device and thousands of dollars in fines. In certain cases, DUI defendants face jail-time. These are all very good reasons to have a DUI lawyer helping you fight back.WhyDUILawyer

Why not just go with a Public Defender?

Every county in California has a Public Defender’s Office that handles criminal defense for indigent people who cannot afford an attorney. The criteria for qualifying for this type of public assistance is strict, and most people who think they qualify for a public defender actually do not.

Public defenders are very capable attorneys, often with years of experience. With that said, there are some differences between a public defender and a privately retained lawyer who handles DUI cases.

1. A DUI Lawyer will also help you with the DMV case and represent you in the important DMV hearing. Public Defenders are not allowed to represent people at DMV hearings.
2. Public Defenders are very knowledgeable, but they handle a wide variety of cases: shoplifting, burglary, arson, drug cases and other types of cases. A DUI lawyer focuses their work on DUI cases, which means they know the latest in their field and are usually more “on top” of the latest DUI defense strategies.

Why hire a DUI Lawyer?

People facing a felony DUI case, or a 2nd or 3rd DUI case face mandatory jail time if they’re convicted of DUI, so its easy to see why a person facing one of these charges would want a lawyer helping them. Even for 1st offense DUI defendants, hiring a DUI lawyer means having someone knowledagble in DUI defense on their side, and having someone who is able to help them at the DMV.

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