Lancaster California DUI Lawyer

How a Lancaster California DUI Lawyer helps his clients:

A Lancaster California DUI Lawyer has one important job: Protect their client’s rights. Hard work, years of experience and knowledge fighting DUI cases are how a DUI lawyer:

Lancaster California DUI Lawyer

-Keeps Clients out of jail
-Saves the Driver’s Licenses of clients
-Beats DUI cases

A Lancaster California DUI Lawyer who fights DUI cases and knows what it takes to win can be reached at 213-400-0358.

DUI cases are unique because they involve certain scientific, legal and evidentiary issues.  They are also unique because most people who are arrested for DUI have never been in trouble with the law before and are not used to the criminal court system.  Because of this, it is important to discuss your case with a law firm that regularly handles DUI cases.

What are the consequences of a DUI in Lancaster California?

A DUI in Lancaster can result in penalties from the DMV and from the California Court System.

The DMV will automatically suspend the driver’s license of someone arrrested for DUI in Lancaster unless the driver notifies the DMV of their demand for a hearing.The DMV hearing process is not an “informal interview” or a simple review done by DMV employees… it is a legal proceeding that determines whether a driver involved in a DUI arrest will keep their drivers license.
If the Driver loses at the DMV hearing, they will lose their license for an amount of time based on a number of factors the DMV reviews. These factors are:
-The number of prior DUIs or “wet reckless” offenses the driver committed.
-The age of the driver (Under 21 year old drivers are treated particularly harsh by DMV)
-Whether the driver refused to submit to a chemical test

Criminal Court Process
After the DMV process, a person arrested for DUI has to deal with the criminal case. The consequences of a DUI conviction include:
-Criminal Record (either felony or misdemeanor depending on the case)
-Mandatory Alcohol Classes
-Breathalyzer installed on the car of the driver

In Lancaster, California, the Criminal Court is located at 42011 4th St. West
Lancaster, CA 93534.

A Lancaster DUI Lawyer with some advice

If you were recently arrested for DUI in Lancaster, or the Antelope Valley, you need to remember you have rights. DUI arrests are more frequent than you would think in Lancaster,so its a situation you are not alone in dealing with.

If you are arrested in Lancaster for DUI, you should speak with a DUI attorney who works hard for clients in the Lancaster area.

What your Lancaster DUI lawyer will discuss with you.

A Lancaster DUI lawyer working with clients will conduct an initial consultation. At this consultation, the lawyer will review the case by going over the facts and circumstances of the arrest with the client. Some of the things the DUI attorney will look for are:
-Events surrounding the initial police stop
-Exact location in Lancaster of the DUI arrest
-Whether Lancaster Police were involved in the case, or CHP

With this information, the DUI attorney can start preparing your defense. DUI cases involve well tested defenses that have worked for past DUI lawyers. These defenses include:

Lancaster DUI Lawyer-Rising Blood Alcohol or (BAC rising) defenses
-Issues with the probable cause of the arrest by officers
-Issues with the accuracy and calibration of the equipment used in the arrest

With the information given by you, the DUI lawyer handling your case can find the right defense.

Lancaster California DUI information resources:

CHP DUI Enforcement
California Highway Patrol’s DUI enforcement homepage with useful information on the CHP’s DUI enforcement initiative.

Lancaster California Courthouse Information and Location The Lancaster California courthouse is called the “Michael D. Antonovich” Courthouse and handles all criminal cases for Lancaster California and the surrounding area.

Lancaster California Sheriff Station for Los Angeles County Sheriff The Los Angeles County Sheriff is responsible for law enforcement in Lancaster California and the surrounding area. This link is the website for the Lancaster California area sheriff station.

NHTSA DUI Field Sobreity Tests
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration field sobriety appendix with information related to NHTSA Field Sobriety Tests used by law enforcement agencies throughout California and in particular the Lancaster California area.

Lancaster California Sheriff
Lancaster California is patrolled by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department.

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