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How a Lancaster DUI Lawyer beats DUI cases:

A Lancaster California DUI Lawyer uses experience, knowledge and hard work to win DUI cases.  The most important task for an DUI lawyer is to fight for their clients, and the results show:

-Not Guilty Verdict and Dismissals At Trial
-Saving Driver’s Licenses
-Keeping Clients out of Jail and helping them get their lives back

A Lancaster DUI Lawyer who fights DUI cases can be reached at 213-400-0358.

DUI cases can be beaten, if you find the right DUI lawyer to help you.Lancaster California DUI Lawyer
If you or someone you care for was recently arrested for DUI in the Lancaster California area, including the Antelope Valley, a phone call to a Lancaster DUI lawyer will start the process of beating your case. Lancaster DUI cases involve not only Lancaster, but the surrounding areas including the Antelope Valley, Palmdale, Lake Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.

A Lancaster DUI Lawyer, who works hard to protect the rights of the accused is the first person you should call.

During your conversation with a Lancaster DUI lawyer, you should get some important information from the lawyer you speak with. This includes:

-Do they focus their practice on DUI defense?
-Are they familiar with the rules and procedures in DUI cases?
-Do they sound confident and knowledgeable while talking to you?

You also need to look out for law firms that have you speak with assistants, secretaries or paralegals. There is nothing wrong with paralegals or assistants, but it is a sign that the firm you are calling is too busy to give your case the care and attention it deserves.

Lancaster DUI Lawyer Reference Links:

Lancaster California Sheriff’s Dept. Info.
This link has information related to the Lancaster California area sheriff’s station.  Lancaster, California is located in Los Angeles County and therefore is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department.

Lancaster (Antelope Valley) Courthouse Information
This link has information about the Antelope Valley courthouse, where all criminal cases from Lancaster, California are heard.

Lancaster California area jail facility
This link has information related to the jail facility in Lancaster where Lancaster California DUI inmates are kept.

California Highway Patrol: Lancaster California Area
This link has information about the CHP southern division, responsible for DUI enforcement in the Lancaster California area.

What you should go over with your Lancaster DUI Lawyer.

During your consultation with a Lancaster DUI lawyer, it is important to be honest and accurate in describing what happened. The lawyer will no doubt ask you questions about the arrest, what if anything you had to drink, who was there, what happened.

Some importance information the lawyer will want to gather:
-what kind of chemical test was used
-what kind of Field Sobriety Tests were undertaken
-what kind of admissions did the driver make to police

Building your case with a Lancaster DUI Lawyer.

Based on what happened during the arrest, your defense can start to be developed with your lawyer. The most common defenses that win in DUI cases are:
-Rising blood alcohol level defense
-Lack of proof of driving defense
-Attacks on police procedures and conduct
-Attacks on the calibration, accuracy and maintenance of police equipment, including breathalyzer, used.

How exactly does a DUI lawyer defend a DUI case?

DUI cases are unique in the factual, legal and scientific issues they present to a DUI defense lawyer. Your Lancaster DUI lawyer has to understand the complex areas of law involved in DUI cases if they are going to be successful in defending your DUI case.

Factual issues in DUI cases.

As a DUI lawyer, I often tell clients their cases are unique because the driver in a DUI case often makes admissions to police. This is because most people who are stopped for DUI are not career criminals, or trained in the law. They don’t understand that a person does not have to answer police questions. Because they don’t understand this, they often will say “I had a few beers” or something like this to the police involved in a DUI stop. So there are very often admissions by the driver of drinking. This is 1/2 of the case for the police… remember, they have to prove the driver was drinking and driving.

Another area where a DUI lawyer has to deal with unique issues is with who actually was driving the car. Remember, the other 1/2 of the case the police must prove is “driving.” Sometimes, there is an accident, and the police arrive at the scene. Other times, the police will arrive upon a car stopped by the side of the road. In both of these cases, the issue of who was driving the car may present an avenue of defense for the defense lawyer. If the police cannot prove a person was driving the car, they cannot prevail at trial against that person for driving under the influence.

Lancaster DUI Lawyer goes over some of the legal issues in DUI cases.

Beside the factual issues presented in DUI cases, there are many unique legal issues in DUI cases. A common legal area that leads to productive defenses for a DUI lawyer is the area of admissions by police. In DUI cases, if the driver is accused of a “refusal” to submit to a chemical test for DUI, the police must show the driver was properly admonished that their refusal would lead to a loss of their license. This is one of the many legal technicalities a Lancaster DUI Lawyer is familiar with.

Scientific issues from the perspective of a Lancaster DUI Lawyer.

DUI cases are most unique in the complex science they present to the average lawyer. They involve blood, breath and or urine tests. These tests are used to measure blood alcohol level to minute scientific measurements…. to within 0.01%, which is 1/1000 of a percent! Think of how small that number is! Your Lancaster DUI Lawyer has to be comfortable with the wide array of scientific measurements the police and prosecution uses in these cases.

Blood tests

Blood tests, at first blush, would be the most distressing to a DUI lawyer. Many are aware that blood tests are the most accurate and sensitive tests the police can use in DUI cases. But this sensitivity is the blood tests downfall. Becasue these tests are so sensative, any error in procedures, calibration or administration of these tests can make their measurements in-valid. Common ways to attack these include: improper handling of the blood sample, inadaquate blood preservative added to the blood vial, improper procedures during the blood draw.

Breath tests

Breath tests are the most common tests in DUI cases. Your Lancaster DUI lawyer will be familiar with how to attack these tests. The most common attacks to breath test results include:

-Issues with calibration, maintenance, and up-keep of police equipment.
-Improper observation period by the police involved.
-The flawed science of “partition ratio” the method by which blood alcohol level is extrapolated using breath alcohol.

A lawyer familiar with these various defenses can beat a case that, at first blush, would seem unbeatable.

For more information, call our office and speak directly with a skilled DUI lawyer now at 213-400-0358.

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