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If you or someone you care for was arrested for DUI, a Manhattan Beach DUI Lawyer is just a phone call away.

Talking to a Manhattan Beach DUI Lawyer is the smartest first step that a person should take if they were arrested for DUI. Even though DUI arrests are scary, one thing should be clear…. DUI cases can be won. Therefore, it pays to talk with a DUI attorney who understands DUI cases and how to beat them.

Time is not on your side, but a DUI lawyer is.

If you were stopped for DUI, you need to act quickly because under DMV rules your license will be suspended automatically unless you have your lawyer call them within 10 days of the arrest and schedule a DMV hearing.

The Manhattan Beach DUI lawyer you talk to will review your case and analyze:
-The strengths of your case.
-The weak areas of your case.
-The physical evidence in your case, such as blood or breath tests.
-How to beat the DMV hearing.
-Getting the best possible outcome for your case.

Some important tips from a Manhattan Beach DUI Lawyer for your case.

A Manhattan Beach DUI lawyer can show you the most common winning arguments in DUI cases, such as:

-Rising BAC or “Blood Alcohol Content” defense(scientific argument).
-Issues with Police Investigation.
-Issues with the accuracy, calibration, testing and maintenance of machines used to test chemical evidence.

A no risk consultation with a talented DUI lawyer will answer questions you have, and might even show you something you hadn’t seen. You will see your case from a different view point, and not miss areas that you would otherwise not have seen if you hadn’t spoken with a DUI lawyer.

(Manhattan Beach is located approximately 10 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, California.)

Let a Manhattan Beach DUI Lawyer will discuss with you how to win your case.

A Manhattan Beach DUI lawyer will be happy to discuss your case with you and how to fight the case. Let a professional discuss your case and help you figure out your next steps.

Our office can boast about these recent DUI victories:

-Not Guilty Verdict at Jury Trial for DUI charge: CVC 23152(a)

-Victory at a DMV hearing involving 0.09%BAC blood test, saving the driver’s license of the man involved(Orange DSO.)

-Reduction from DUI to reckless driving for driver with .12% BAC.

DUI cases are winnable, so it pays to speak with a professional who will listen. A professional, caring DUI attorney can be reached at 213-400-0358.

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